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Chenoa Maxwell: Actress-Photographer

Thursday, August 6, 2009

If you remember the comedic movie, "Hav Plenty," with a subtle, smart African-American cast and high hopes then you recall Chenoa Maxwell.
Maxwell played the lead (as she did in the black love triangle film, "G,") and absolutely stole the film as a quirky, high-maintenance sometime lover of the lead actor, Hav.
Fast forward more than 15 years and Maxwell has traded in the screen for the lens, becoming a photographer.

And you know what? Girl can shoot.
Her pics ran the gamut from landscapes to portraits, but being very photogenic herself, no doubt her fans can easily settle for seeing her in front of the camera.
Actually many actors and actresses have artistic talents that go wasted, especially if you're African-American or Latino or Asian-American, simply because you get less opportunities to show off those skills in Hollywood.
Kudos to Chenoa for doing her thing with photography.
Check out Chenoa Maxwell's web site and see for yourself.

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