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Naomi Campbell Chills in Moscow Now

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Admit it, you shook your head at disgust a few years ago at Naomi Campbell. She was the epitome of an over-the-hill prima donna.
She charged racism when she wasn't given the plum modeling jobs or magazine covers. She had legal trouble stemming from an arrogance that manifested itself violently. She was what was wrong with the world.
But now she appears happier than ever, and has been brushing the dust off her shoulder after landing a Russian billionaire. Let me say that again: A Russian billionaire.
Donald Trump has to stay in his lane with this guy. His name is Vladislav Doronin.
Campbell lives part-time in Moscow now. Chillin.

To say that money ain't a thang is an understatement. If you took the money of Diddy, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Russell Simmons, you still wouldn't touch a quarter of the earnings of Doronin.
The couple has made a few high-profile appearances, most notably on his yacht in St. Tropez last year (with the paps all over them).
Dont' get it twisted: Campbell was alright before Daddy Warbucks, but she has apparently been able to slow the turmoil in her life with Doronin by her side.
Is she stuntin'? Absolutely.



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