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Does Naomi Campbell still have it?

Monday, February 22, 2010

After an unusually quiet 2009, supermodel extraordinaire and resident-bad-girl Naomi Campbell has yet to sign any major endorsement deals, or do any big projects for 2010.
After more than a decade of ascension in the modeling world, and headlines, some of which unfavorable, Campbell deserved some time off last year.
And she got it, thanks to a billionaire boyfriend from Russia who took her island-hopping for fun and cooled that lightning-quick temper of hers.
But professionally speaking, does the Ill Na Na still have it?
Since her absence, another supermodel/friend of hers has rose through the stratosphere, Tyra Banks.
Banks was'nt quite an underling of Campbell's but while Campbell was busy throwing hissy fits, Ms. Banks was making bank. Hollywood took notice. While Tyra was holding court, Nana was in court.
Now with a potential hubby in the works, will Campbell settle down and play housewives (Can you imagine Naomi as a housewife on one of these reality TV shows? Bonkers) is she prepping for a comeback.
Lightning can strike twice, ya know.



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