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Nona Gaye: Enigma

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nona Gaye, the only child of Marvin Gaye and wife Janis is an artistic enigma: Actress, visual artist, singer, poet, you name it she's done it. And yet, her catalog is as elusive as a sighting of her.
Quick, name a Nona Gaye song. Can you? And yet she's done albums full of work.
Most recently seen on the hit TV show, "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," Nona stayed for a while but bounced due to "creative differences." She was replaced by "Girl 6" star Theresa Randle.
And not only can she act, but the child of the "What's Going On" star can sing, too. In fact, Nona has a vault full of unreleased tracks somewhere (perhaps at Prince's Paisley Park Studios?). Nona and Prince recorded frequently together in the early 1990s (she was coincidentally the lead female vocal on "Girl 6"). If any of that material sees the light of day, shame to say, but some of these other girls, won't stand a chance.
But where is Nona Gaye today? What's going on? She's below the radar, but hopefully she'll come out and give us some of that creative artsy stuff she's known for creating.




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