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Alone for the Holidays, And Alright With it

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"I've got me some wine; got me a good book. I'm fine."
That's what this girl told me when I asked about what she was doing for the weekend. And that's all fine and dandy, but the fact is, there's alot of good people out there that don't necessarily have a loved one to share the time with during this season.
Many of them are okay with it, having come to terms with the fact that they are just in between relationships. Many others are married or dating to someone who is overseas at war. But there are some that have simply chosen to go it alone, for whatever reason.
Either way, there are a ton of ways to be alone without being lonely though:
Some tips include calling up friends who may be in similar circumstances.
Whatever you do, don't participate in a pity party. Believe me:
Some people are trying their best not to be alone this holiday but don't get any takers.
Many single women enjoy the comforts of their relatives for hot food, warm company and loving conversation. For men, it's sometimes a big more difficult.
There are many, many single men who are out there and alone right now. Many of them are lonely but won't admit, but it's okay. It happens.
The main thing to do is do something:
People are reaching out so as not to spend the holidays alone.
Can you reach out?


Assertive Wit said...

Your title is a bit of an oxy moron LOL if you're lonely, you more than likely aren't alright with it ;)

I have no family here in Atlanta so any time I cook around the holidays, I call my friends whose parents don't live nearby and invite them over. Sometimes I don't want to wait for the invite from other friends who have family here (even though I know I'm going to get an invite).

I cooked a nice turkey, some greens, mac & cheese, dressing, and rolls. It was delicious!!! I love cooking for the "orphans"!

December 3, 2008 at 4:49 AM

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