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Fall '09 Preview: Black Will Be Back

Monday, August 31, 2009

As if it ever left, right? Well, black did temporarily lose favor over the last few years as earth tones had the rule of the day during the fall and winter months (who doesn't appreciate a zesty burnt orange every now and then?) But now, starting next week, be prepared to rock your black outfits again. Black is back.

Chris Brown in a Past Life?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

We finally discovered Chris Brown in a past life: It's the lead singer for the Sylvers, in a gay alternate universe, well, actually, the 1980s.

Mya: I'm Scerrred of Dancing All Crazy Nstuff

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pop star and "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Mya says all that moving and shaking has her scared she's gonna break something on the show.
"I had a foot fracture last year, and I've had injuries in the past. That's what my worst fear is. To get injured ... is something I'm nervous about," she told MTV News recently.
Mya says although she's a dancer, "DWTS" is quite different. "So far, rehearsals have been really tough," she said. "So it's kind of like reversing my thinking, 'cause hip-hop is so loose and not structured, and tap is so loose and close to the ground and not structured, so it's so different. I have a lot of work to do in reversing how I think. And I have a lot of partner work to do, so I hope it doesn't hurt me. But I think music and musicality is going to help me stay on the beat."
Mya needs to be worrying about the music, not the dancing. With competition from starlets Ciara, Rihanna, Christina Milian and others, her last album didn't quite cut it.

Do You Miss Your Partner in Crime?

Remember those days in high school when it was you and your BFF against the world? Life was a lot simpler back then; responsibilities have a way of melting the sheen off a person, you know? But back in the day you could afford to mess up, to act a fool, and it wasn't a fatal mistake.
You and your girl were trump tight; on some Thelma and Louise type stuff.
Face it, the streets have always been bad, but it's just that now they're deadly.
As you grow older, relationships change, people too, but that doesn't throw shade on what was. This post is about the past. Not what could have been. What was.

What 'Going Natural' Means

Monday, August 24, 2009

When you think of the phrase "going natural," it is common to assume that one means growing a 'fro. But natural doesn't have to mean a fro, it could mean braids, it could mean corn rolls, it could mind many things.
Imagine if "getting a perm" meant that your hair was straight and only straight: Misleading, right?
"Going natural" opens up a range of styles. The possibilities end with your imagination. Remember this: There are no limits.

Channeling Sasha Fierce

when Beyonce revealed her alter-ego Sasha Fierce last year to rave reviews she admitted the split personality it takes to survive in the music industry these days. She had talked of Sasha before, in quips about her stage performances and her dancing.
But when she named a whole album (okay half an album) after the persona she conditioned her fans to an edgier, fiercer Beyonce.
The question is, do we even want Bey anymore?
Should Sasha Fierce be on control for her next series of albums, guaranteeing a fresh, risque' performer with an attitude as rapid-fire and multifaceted as husband Jay-Z?
Do we want Sasha or Bey?

An Artist's Dilemma: To Go Pop or Not?

When you've back up certified R&B artists and even written songs for them, it may be easy to follow their formula, but Keri Hilson has done no such thing.
While many people listen to singers on black radio they automatically assume that if it's not rap, then it's R&B. Not true.
Pop music is a genre specifically focused on commercial appeal, often simplistic in format and lyrics with basic themes of love, betrayal, etc.
R&B on the other way, which has shifted meanings in the 60 years the term has been in use, has now come to mean a comtemporary, adult music driven by soul influences.
Artists today stay away from the term "R&B" because they think it means older, and the money seems to be on the youthful side.
Take somebody like Keri Hilson: She clearly has an R&B look, mature-sound and yet she's marketed as a pop artist. Her two hits ("Turning me Off" and "Knock You Down") from her debut album "In a Perfect World," both skewed to the younguns.
The album has sold more than half a million copies but many expected a lot more from Hilson.
Maxwell's recent success ("blacksummer'sNIGHT" was recently certified gold by the RIAA) may have single-handedly saved the "R&B" genre, as record companies have tightened their purses on anything that sounds old and retro.
If it were targeted toward an older market, say, an R&B market, would it have done better?

Do You have to have it?

In this current recession, few things have tempted us like luxe items we may have gotten accustomed to. But it's a new reality.
It's real now. We. Can't. Spend. Like. We. Used. To.
You'll just have to do without or save up until you have the cash. Another option is layaway (do they even still have layaway?).

Unemployed and Lovin' It

Friday, August 21, 2009

while the stereotype of the jobless man or woman is usually one of a lazy, shiftless no-account, there is alot of anecdotal evidence that points otherwise.
Tired of the rat race, many people who are out looking for work right now are relieved in a sense from having to batter the workplace forces of injustice, corruption or downright discrimination.
The new face of the unemployed is in fact the face of the upper-middle class. Many of them are college-educated, professional and, well, laid off.
They have a little money but not much. They enjoy the finer things but make do with the nice things. They are unemployed, and loving it.

Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose:The New Salt and Pepa?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seems New York rapper Nicki Minaj and Ford model Amber Rose are best buds these days, from Amber's infatuation to Nicki's coyness about love life, these girls have grown tight as naps.
But we think they would actually make a pretty cool duo, if Amber stepped to the mic in a lyrical way. Wouldya think? The new Salt n Pepa? The new Cookie Crew (memba them?)

The Coolest Phone. Ever

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And by cool we mean that quite literally, as this 'Weather Phone" mimics the temperature so you can really feel what it's saying. If it's foggy outside, you can expect the phone's glass to fog up; if it's rainy expect water droplets between your letters. Izzat cool or what?


Plight of the Blactress: Shallow roles, low pay

Sunday, August 16, 2009

They are underworked. Underpaid. Underappreciated, and when they are working, it is more derogatory roles no self-respecting thespian would dare agree to portray.
But yet there they are, the black actresses of Hollywood, the few, the proud, the Moreens, the Saquishas, the ghetto chicks in the 'hood. Why do they get all the terrible roles?
If you look at the box office this month, or this year, you'll see a handful of decent films, but the majority will be garbage. And the number of deep, textured African-American characters in these movies?: Nada.
Zero. Zelch.
Tyler Perry is producing movies as fast as he can, but we need more Spikes, more John Singletons. Somebody help!

Kanye Flips His Louie Vuitton Lid!

The paps are about to catch a serious 808 beatdown from the looks of Kanye West. Can't a brother enjoy a day out with this stripper girlfriend without all the Flashing Lights? Geeesh.

Should Beyonce Shave Her Head too?

As the Internet went crazy with everything from pity to indignation at Solange Knowles for cutting her head, many people felt her sister Beyonce didn't step up in her behalf.
Surely Bey has an opinion, right? I mean, when Big Sis supported her sister's last album by pointedly steering clear from releasing any music or high-profile appearances until the "Hadley St." album died down (which didn't take long).
Now that Solange has shaved her head, shouldn't Bey cut it all off for support?
What do you think? Could she get away with it?

The Future for Nivea: Mo Hits or Mo Kids?

With the spawning of a child for Lil Wayne, Nivea, formerly Mrs. Dream, has some decisions to make about her future.
For starters, she's pretty much wealthy for life now. Sorry, it's just the truth.
Secondly, she has something she put on the backburner, called a singing career (remember that?), and she has to make a decision soon on what she'll be, a stay-at-the-mall-Mom or a singer.
If she chooses to marry Lil Wayne, the Dream is on record as saying that he and Wayne would need to "have a talk," and it doesn't sound like a real positive situation. But, grown people do grown things.

What next for Tracee Ellis Ross?

Tracee Ellis Ross aka "Joan Clayton," has been chilling in the cut since the cancellation of the popular "Girlfriends" show.
What her next move will be is anybody's guess, but girlfriend has mad skills in diverse areas. The Brown University graduate (class of '94) acted extensively in plays before landing gigs as a model and contributing fashion editor to magazines.
Her big break on screen came as she was cast for a number of small movies, including "Hanging Up" with Diane Keaton. She was introduced to the MTV set on "Lyricists Lounge" a hip-hop variety show that was before its time.
The stint on "Girlfriends" showed that Tracee can be a leading lady, as well as comedic actor. But we want to see more of her musical capabilities.
She's an artist. We know it.
We're sure that when she's ready to take on her next project, it'll be a perfect fit.

Check Tracee out on Lyricists Lounge:

Hair Wars: Cut it Out, Already

Amber Rose is ground zero of the revolution that has taken hold of black women's hair this summer. If you've got a mane of curly locks or even a slick-back style that has never hurt anyone, you've found yourself on the frontlines this time.
You've been told for ages how bad a perm is for your hair, but now the debate has switched to plain ole long hair. PERIOD. Nothing is safe.
Do you shave it all off, and come on over to the Dark Side?
Or is not shaving it off considered the Dark Side?
Should you adopt an alter ego you know very little about?
What the follicle is going on?

In Belgium, they're doing it wrong

If you think a sun tan is supposed to make you look like you just popped out of a toaster, something's wrong. This advertisement for Nivea sun tan spray in Belgium is ... just bad.

Mrs. O's 'Mixed Feelings'

First Lady Michelle Obama already had misgivings, and this was way before people came to her husband's rallies with semi-automatic weapons. One quote she said stands out, many of which were uttered even before she got in the White House:

"[W]hen Barack first told me he was thinking about running for President, I had mixed feelings. I worried about my girls and what a campaign might do to their lives. I wanted the best life possible for them, and a presidential campaign wasn’t part of that equation. But then I thought about it. And the world I want for them is a world where they’re paid fairly and equally for their work; where they don’t have to choose between kids and careers; where they can dream without limits without a glass ceiling standing in their way. And I realized that if that’s the world I want for them, then I had to do my part to elect someone like my husband."

Prince is rollin' with Twinz

His Purple Badness, for a hot second now, has been dancing and prancing with a couple of girls that have that Siemese thing going on.
They are indentical twins, Nandy and Maya McClean, from Sydney, Australia. They are primarily dancers with Prince's band. Word is that they both auditioned for "Australian Idol 2," but one got further than the other and soon both were seen shimmying on stage with Prince.
The girls, probably about 25 years younger than the 49-year-old Prince, are twice as nice as his other sidekicks.
Prince has been known to have some stellar proteges in his day: Sheila E., Vanity, Appolonia, Sheena Easton, Ingrid Chavez, to name a few.
Some people get older, some get colder. Prince is a living legend and will undoubtably make the girls huge luminaries in the world of entertainment. He said it himself on the "Purple Rain" album, he said, "Baby, I'm a Star."
Indeed, Prince, indeed.

Can You Come Out of the House AnyKindaWay?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

You may see from time to time people in the grocery store (more than likely the liquor store) with rollers in their hair.
Is that appropriate in this day and age?
Used to be a time when the roller look was a lot more frequent, but not much anymore. Zat cool?
Just say you were in a crazy hurry for something, would you rock them rollers in public?
(By the way, Alicia Keys can obviously rock them. LOL)

Hey Beyonce, did Tina make that dress?

Friday, August 14, 2009

We all know that Mama Tina Knowles Tina pretty much co-signs whatever Bey wears on stage, and prolly in public. Here she definitely got by the parental approval with this number. Where's Jay, doesn't he watch out for this kinda thing?

Heavy Petting on the 1st Date: Cool or Fool?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I gots to have it: That may be your mindframe when you first see a person or meet someone of interest initially.
When people go out on a date or get together for the first time, it's basically an interview. You can kick the tires, so to speak, but no test-driving.
But what happens when the touching goes too far, too quickly?
Hormones freak out, neurons connect to those familiar pleasure points in the brain; all those electronic signals the brain sends to the body can make things hot and heavy in the course of one night.
But is heavy petting cool on the first date? Obviously, we all know where it can lead and you (and/or the other person may not be up for that so quickly).
Then again, what's wrong with a little affection, right?
Heavy petting on Date No. 1: Cool or fool?

Barbershop Style: Get some

I know for a fact that each barbershop is in itself an ecosystem as rich as any rainforest. No two barbershops are alike: the vibe, the characters all are unique.
Way before Twitter, before Facebook, and forget CNN, the barbershop is where we debated what's going on in the world.
They may be hurting, selling out, or just closing down these days, but we'll never let you fade.

The Incredible Shrinking Posh

Now we have irrefutable proof how USA soccer star David Beckham stays looking young: He's friggin' sucking the life out of his wife, Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham.
It was difficult to see at first, but now we know. This is a woman who has given birth: There's no way she shouldn't have at least some physical remnant on her body, a roll, some fat somewhere.
We don't mean extraneous fat, we mean any kind of body fat.
Girl is thin as a Cheezit cracker.
She doesn't even smile in public anymore, being content to purse her lips as if braving an inner storm, a tempest of unknowable fury. Sigh.
Despite how thin she's getting she's still a few years away from becoming sapped into the ether like "Ally McBeal" star Calista Flockhart (anybody seen her lately? NO!), who has no doubt been whisked away after being slightly heavier than a trisket.

Why Isn't Christina Milian an Elite Artist?

Admit it, she's got the look, the face, the bod, and can at least pretend to hold a decent note (like Rihanna).
So why hasn't Christina Milian exploded in the music business?
She burst on the scene rocking the chorus in Ja Rule's "Everything We Do," single, even gracing the video.
The Cuban-born singer is well known in Hollywood, starring as the lead in "Love Don't Cost a Thing," "Be Cool," and "Pulse."
But why hasn't she blown up?
Well maybe that's all about to change: She's based in Los Angeles, and about to get married to superproducer, The Dream.
Her new album "Elope" is scheduled for release later this year.
Then, what will be her excuse?

Vacationing By Yourself: Could You Do It?

Believe it or not, alot of people are going solo when it comes to vacationing, especially internationally. The recession, coupled with friends flaking out at the last minute, has created a slew of singles darting off to uncharted waters in hopes of having a good time.
It's not that people enjoy the solitude, although some do, but it's just that for many people the trip is a culmination of years of hard work, and struggle.
The fear of being in a foreign land all by their lonesome is overcome with a friendly Visa and a glass or two of the local spirits.
I've never done it before but i do have a friend that just came back from Nicaragua by herself. She said it was awesome and liberating.
Would you travel alone?

We got Maxwell, but Where's Lauryn Hill?

When we heard the "smoove" soul of Maxwell come back earlier this summer with a decent resurrection, it sparked our appetite for the meat-and-potatoes of modern, sophisticated love-soul, aka, Ms. Lauren Hill.
You don't understand, we don't want Lauren Hill; we need Lauren Hill.
We need some "Miseducation" II. We need the extended, unedited and unreleased version of "Tell Him." We need a sequel to "That Thing."
Where is Lauren Hill?
Well, she's actually performing under shining lights amid red-eye flights. Her latest gig is headlining the Stockholm Jazz Fest and then some quieter dates.
But we need that album.
Until then, we'll all sit patiently. Ready or Not. Hearin' you come. You can't hide.

Gonna find you. ...

Style Trend: Body Suits for Fall '09

You heard it first, here: Body suits will make a fierce comeback for fall 2009, with bolder ensembles, colors and textures. Last fall was all about layering (assessories such as scarves went through the roof) but now it's back to simplification.

Is it a Wrap for Weave?

It's been the summer of the shave-off for many women across the land. First the celebrities, (Cassie, Rihanna, etc.) then the regular folks.
Is this the end for the long, luxurious weave?
Women have been wearing it extra long since the 1970s, when posters of the lion-like mane of Farrah Fawcett used to be in every bar, restaurant and male teenage bedroom.
The long weave in essence owes its popularity to the European archtype of beauty, glowing locks of tuft curls or stalks of straight hair all down the back.
But now things are changing.
Women have pretty much rebelled against the acidic perm and are going au naturale with abandon.
Is it a wrap for the long, European-style weave?

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The big shave-off: Would you?

Nightmare of Hadley St.: Solange shaves it off, too

Style: Can Rock It Like This?

More and more people are taking chances stylistically. Could you, on a train, or some other form of public transportation, rock it like this?

Great Legs: What's Their Secret?

When it comes to great legs, few can handle the Knowles sisters, Solange and Beyonce.
Is it the genes?
If this were Venus and Serena it'd be different: Two sports-active sisters that have trained since they were young, but that isn't the case with the Knowles girls.
While neither girls are athletes it just goes to show you what dedication and hardwork in the gym can do.

Viagra-like ice cream, anyone?

You scream for ice cream?
Not like this, you have'nt.
Now you can enjoy the cool and sweet comforts of ice cream while arousing all your senses at the same time.
A London bar, The Icecreamists, will commence serving ice cream's answer to Viagra, called the Sex Pistol.
The Sex Pistol will have sex-arousing ingredients to make sure "Rocky Road," lives up to its name.
Matt O’Connor, founder of The Icecreamists, is quoted as saying
in a recent article
: “This is the perfect après shopping treat. Just one Sex Pistol will leave you feeling energised and confident – but please, don’t pester the staff!”
Do you scream for some ice cream all of a sudden (and does'nt dude in the pic look like a werewolf in 'Thriller' that didn't change all the way?)

Where to order

Dissecting 'Tiny and Toya': About Dat Nose

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't get it twisted, we love "Tiny and Toya," but in the short time the duo have graced my TV screen I have come to see the main feature of the reality show.
And it is Tiny's nose.
Now, Tiny has a beautiful nose, don't get me wrong. I love a good honker.
It's just that it has come to embody the whole show.
Not since the high-flying Chicago Bull days of Scottie Pippen has a nose so gloriously shined in a superstar tandem.
When Tiny is talking, and they do those confessional closeups (as they do err 5 minutes), well, Tiny's nose takes on a life of its own.
Toya on the other hand is tossed in the background, resorting to saving her Mama from the street life (a often redriven theme done by Keyshia Cole, and even Mario).
But Tiny's nose?
The star of the show.

Take 4: Kanye Waxing Beyonce

Games people play: Beyonce caught a beatdown in Take 4 by Kanye West, which I can relate to because my 13-year-old niece did the same to me. But she can't see at on "Battleship," though (sticks chest out).
Games people play.

The (Gurgle) Water-Resistant IPhone Case

If you're like me you have your Iphone connected to your hip 25/8. Instead of encouraging a balanced detachment from such electronic devices, the cool folks at
have come up with a friggin' waterproof communication apparatus.
Now, while I don't know how much it costs (I don't speak the language), another site says it retails for $32.
Want me to get you one?

Gabrielle Union paints town red

Monday, August 10, 2009

Movie actress Gabrielle Union recently posed for publicity appearances for her new show on ABC, "Flash Forward," where she will play a defense attorney.
Gabrielle dressed in scarlet at ABC's Red Summer Press Tour.
Candy apple, or firetruck?

The No-Nookie Movement: Why Wait?

There's been a fast-spreading and unwritten rule that has taken hold in dating circles.
It's not by any means new, but it's so well embedded now that no one even thinks about why it's in place these days.
The No-Nookie Movement.
It's when women and men effectively put a timer on sex. They say "Well I have a 3 month rule" or "two-week" rule that they follow before having sex with a person.
Now, who came up with this is not as important as what its actual purpose is. The logic seems to be that you don't really know a person right off so you'll just take a few weeks, a few months, always a "specified" period to get to know the person.
Of course, in this world it's mandatory that you know who you're sleeping with since your genitals will fall off if you don't.
But my only point is that the No-Nookie Movement, with a specified date, kind of defeats the purpose.
Example: If I KNOW that a safe with $1 million automatically unlocks in six days, and I'm on Day 2, then I'm going to chill until DAY 5.7!
If I KNOW without a doubt that I can access a cookie jar at midnight and only at midnight -- that's the specified time --- then all I have to do is put myself on cruise control until 11:55ish, and I'm GOOD.
The NNM would work sooo much better if there was no specified time. Then it would be honest, genuine (kind o' like the Second Coming, you don't know when, but you know you'd better be right?) and you couldn't cheat.
See, if you tell somebody you really like "I have a waiting period. There's no timeframe attached to it, it's basically up to me and my comfortability" then ya gotta respect that, right?
Face it, most of these relationships end with "I thought I knew him..." anyway, right? But if you basically 'assign' a motive (wait for nookie to become available at "..." time) then you can't be mad when he operates on that.
But if you say, "These brownies will be ready at 3 p.m. ..." Get it?

Three the Hard Way: Who's Bad?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Out on the town in Miami recently celebrating Lil Kim's 34 birthday were Miami rapper Trina and actress Lisa Raye. When you talk about a bad girl, all three of these women come to mind. With these three together, you have to wonder. Who's the "baddest"?

Dating A Felon: Would You?

You've heard the grim statistics for black men: Jail, prison, dead, etc.
You have a bunch of options in your late teens and early 20s, perhaps even having the luxury to be quite picky. But as the age bus continues to plow ahead, and those 30s roll around, you obviously run out of the Talented Tenth and into the wide open field of players, phonies and homies.
The number of single, eligible men dwindles faster and faster and you soon arrive upon brothers that are less than perfect.
The one you choose happens to have a rap sheet for "doing dumb stuff" as a teenager or adolescent. He's not a killer, but he may have been a robber, or went down with some shady associates who were up to no good.
If he tells you he's a felon, he obviously wants you to know about it.
If he doesn't he obviously wants it to stay hidden.
Either way you find out.
Do you stay or play?

Halle Berry: I Now Know What Love Is

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Uberhot actress Halle Berry recently said motherhood has consumed her life.
Talking about her family life with daughter Nahla and beau Gabriel Aubry,33, the "X-Men" star said she now knows what unconditional love is.
"My priority had been myself for a long, long time, but now it will always be Nahla," says the 42-year-old actress. "You think you know what love is -- until you have a child and discover that unconditional mother love."
Wow. Children change things, don't they?

Chenoa Maxwell: Actress-Photographer

If you remember the comedic movie, "Hav Plenty," with a subtle, smart African-American cast and high hopes then you recall Chenoa Maxwell.
Maxwell played the lead (as she did in the black love triangle film, "G,") and absolutely stole the film as a quirky, high-maintenance sometime lover of the lead actor, Hav.
Fast forward more than 15 years and Maxwell has traded in the screen for the lens, becoming a photographer.

And you know what? Girl can shoot.
Her pics ran the gamut from landscapes to portraits, but being very photogenic herself, no doubt her fans can easily settle for seeing her in front of the camera.
Actually many actors and actresses have artistic talents that go wasted, especially if you're African-American or Latino or Asian-American, simply because you get less opportunities to show off those skills in Hollywood.
Kudos to Chenoa for doing her thing with photography.
Check out Chenoa Maxwell's web site and see for yourself.

The Rihanna 2.0: Singer Tries to Shed Recent Past

Like a rag doll or Malibu Barbie, pop singer Rihanna has simply shed her recent baggage and put on a new outfit and attitude to go with the times.
After Chris Brown's court hearing yesterday, where he was allowed more freedom to get closer to RiRi and his sentence delayed, it seems the whole incident is slowly coming to an end.
Rihanna has been seen out on the town, laughing, joking, partying, and not sulking. Those hoping that she would become a spokesperson for domestic violence or any time of abuse have been sadly mistaken.
Rihanna has a music career to revive, fans to thrill.
She's new and improved.
Move over, Malibu Barbie.
Here's Barbados Rihanna.

Everybody HatesLoves Chris' Wife

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chris Rock's wifey Malaak Compton Rock is changing the image of the celebrity diva-spouse that countless "better halfs" have contributed to.
As head of the Angel Rock Project,check it out here, Compton-Rock promotes causes that benefit inner-city and underprivileged children through grass-roots efforts.
Most celebrities attach themselves to a cause after their kids or a relative is afflicted by some illness or disorder. Very few take it upon themselves to promote outreach with it affecting them very personally, but that is what Compton-Rock has done. And she's done it with a giving spirit and humble attitude, enlisting other celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Ashanti, to help bring attention to the effort.
Malaack Compton Rock is a consummate Popwife.

Accessorize: Earrings, Necklace, Lipstick

Admit it, you sleep on accessorizing, don't you?
I mean, do you really put effort into coordinating the tidbits of clothing and apparel that make your outfit come together?
Many women get the toes to match the nail polish and call it day, but why not take advantage of the fashion possibilities?
Got a cool belt? How about matching it with a similar neck-piece?
Got that hot nail polish? What can you do with lip gloss?
As John Witherspoon soon emphatically put it in "Boomerang": CoOORDINATE. CoooORdinaaate!"

R. Kelly Releases Mixtape: Do We Care?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seems like the Pied Piper has done this summer what a major R&B artist has never done (No, not that, he was aquitted, remember?). Kelly has released a mixtape, called "The Demo."
"I been in the stands watching the music scene for a minute, just chillin'," Kelly recently told MTV.
We all know 'chillin' is not in Kells' vocab, but we understand a brother needs to lay low, especially with his reputation. "I said, 'If I'm gonna do a mixtape, I feel like I'm starting over in a way.' I said, 'I'm gonna act like this is my first time as an artist. I'mma do a demo and hope the world sign me.' "
Question: Who really wants a "demo" from R. Kelly though?
Isn't Trey Songz the new Kells? Just sayin.

Zoe Saldana on 'Star Trek' sequel: Affirmative

Intergalactic, outerspace, other-worldly hottie Zoe Saldana made geeks wet their pants last weekend at Comic-Con when she confirmed the obvious:
"Star Trek" enterprise is coming back for more.
Saldana, who played Uhuru in the big-screen remake, said she still doesn't know the plot, but the film is definitely in the works.
"I do know that they are germinating a script," she said. "That's what they told us a month and a half ago, which actually means—in that kind of talk it means that they're probably halfway done with a script. They just can't present it to anybody."
But they can present it to salivating fans with Spock-ears though, right?

When Is The Last Time You Had A Fight?

Aah, as an ode to a simpler, more youthful time, I had the pleasure of recalling a fist-fight I had in elementary school.
I hate to say that the memories are fond because fighting was a negative thing, but with all the diabolical conflict going on in today's world, opening an old-fashioned can O' whip-arse "with your haines" was considered a rite of passage.
It was a time of simpler time, before compound words like "dirty bomb," and "child porn."
Just you and the other person, coming to sweet blows; no guns, no knives, just a physical misunderstanding that played out when tempers cooled down.
Not that I want to fight now, because, well, people don't fight anymore, (they squeeze).
I'm not talking about two adults going at it; that's sad. I'm talking about horseplay that perhaps went too far back in the day. An innocent whuppin'.
When was the last time you had a fight?

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