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Mrs. O's 'Mixed Feelings'

Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Lady Michelle Obama already had misgivings, and this was way before people came to her husband's rallies with semi-automatic weapons. One quote she said stands out, many of which were uttered even before she got in the White House:

"[W]hen Barack first told me he was thinking about running for President, I had mixed feelings. I worried about my girls and what a campaign might do to their lives. I wanted the best life possible for them, and a presidential campaign wasn’t part of that equation. But then I thought about it. And the world I want for them is a world where they’re paid fairly and equally for their work; where they don’t have to choose between kids and careers; where they can dream without limits without a glass ceiling standing in their way. And I realized that if that’s the world I want for them, then I had to do my part to elect someone like my husband."



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