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When Is The Last Time You Had A Fight?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aah, as an ode to a simpler, more youthful time, I had the pleasure of recalling a fist-fight I had in elementary school.
I hate to say that the memories are fond because fighting was a negative thing, but with all the diabolical conflict going on in today's world, opening an old-fashioned can O' whip-arse "with your haines" was considered a rite of passage.
It was a time of simpler time, before compound words like "dirty bomb," and "child porn."
Just you and the other person, coming to sweet blows; no guns, no knives, just a physical misunderstanding that played out when tempers cooled down.
Not that I want to fight now, because, well, people don't fight anymore, (they squeeze).
I'm not talking about two adults going at it; that's sad. I'm talking about horseplay that perhaps went too far back in the day. An innocent whuppin'.
When was the last time you had a fight?



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