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Lebron's Mom Did it. Yeah


Michelle's Progenitor: Phyicia RashadClaire Huxtable

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No black woman, not Esther Rolle, not Hattie McDaniel, not Halle Berry, not anyone, has shaped popular culture's portrayal of the successful black woman like Claire Huxtable.
The power of "The Cosby Show" still lives on in the way Americans see First Lady Michelle Obama, a thoughtful mother and wife.
Claire's professional style, her motherful gaze, defied the prevailing stereotype at the time, that the black American woman was a weakling, a victimized mother that struggled to stay off the streets and frequently met the familiar hands of abuse.
Michelle has brought back everything that Claire stood for. But Michelle is real. Wow.

Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj Pow-Wow

Looks like rapper Nicki Minaj and Kanye West beau Amber Rose have finally hooked up.
It all happened at the America's Most Wanted tour featuring Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and their cohorts.
While this isn't the first time Minaj and Rose have met, this is blogworthy simply because of a pass Amber Rose made at Minaj via Twitter.
"YOOOO!!!!! @nickiminaj is f**kin stunning in person I couldn't stop staring at her!!!! I would sooooo DO her. ... I can?t even lie!!!!"

Of course, Minaj took it in stride:
"I was very shocked. It was funny. She said it to me when we met in person so I was like, 'Whoa she's dead serious 'cause she put it on Twitter.' I was just laughing like everybody else probably. I had to take it in a little bit... pause. She's a dope girl. She's real funny. She just took an interest to me. I guess that's a good thing when a bad b**** likes you, you know?"
At the America's Most Wanted tour, the two held hands for a bit as they walked around.
Hmmm, could Kanye become a third wheel quicker than you could say "Late Registration."?

Lauren London shows off 'Baby Due' Look

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You've heard of the Booty Do, but this is the Baby Due, as in the Baby Due Look. Pregnant celebrities Lauren "New New" London and Tisha Campbell were recently at events showing off their very pregnant selves.
London, pregnant from rapper Lil Wayne, is getting big in the belly as shown from the above pick taken from Diddy's White Party a few weeks ago.

Campbell, married to actor Duane Martin, is expecting her second child. Campbell has been chilling since her show with Damon Wayans, "My Wife and Kids," was cancelled (but you can see mad reruns on TV). She is reportedly working on a novel. The actress enjoyed acclaimed success opposite Martin Lawrence in the UPN hit "Martin" during the 1990s.
London registered on the radar with the film "ATL," in which she played T.I.'s love interest.

Wooden Cell Phones: Would'nt You?

As the newest and shiny gadgets continue to sell like hotcakes, there is an underground backlash for all things retro: Polyester clothes are resurfacing, polka dots are making a splash, and now, this, wooden cellphones.
Now, it's true wooden cellphones have never existed, but you've got to admit, the creative flair is contagious.
Let's hope pine-tree embedded televisions don't come back.
(Knock on wood).

Does He Just Have to Have It?

In Spike Lee's big-screen debut, "She's Got to Have It," Nola Darling was documented scoring three admirers with her trademark charm and sass.
Along with the theme of the film -- the lengths people go to to find love -- was the very obvious subplot, that some people are simply sex maniacs.

But how would you know today if someone was exhibiting signs of said sex mania?
If they want it "morning, noon and night" and "in the eee'nin" as Jodeci once sang?
If they are reckless with it, demanding PDA at every turn?
If normal things like, say, passing cars, or pedestrians don't seem to mean anything to him or tamp down his lustful tendencies then ... well, you just might have yourself an addict on your hands (Sorry to some, you aint that irresistible).
Is it normal to always want it? Or is it cool to sometimes take a raincheck due to fatigue, I dunno, work, or church?
At first it may seem cute but when does it get a bit creepy?
Or does it?

Not so fast Amber Rose, Omahyra Mota's in the building

Before you give the new "It" girl title to current Kanyeist Amber Rose, let's not forget about Miss Omahyra Mota.
Probably the most insanely androgynous model in fashion today, Omahyra Mota Garcia was born in the Dominican Republic but moved to New York as an adolescent.

Urged by her mother to be a model, Mota began her career at the tender age of 16. In the nine years since she's modeled for such majors as Fendi, Bill Blass and hip-hop-styled lines such as Baby Phat and Roc Wear.
The kicker for Moya? She models both women's wear and men's.
Can your Amber do that?
According to Wikipedia, Androgyny is "a term derived from the Greek words that can refer to either of two related concepts about gender: the mixing of masculine and feminine characteristics, as in fashion statements; or the balance of "anima and animus" in psychoanalytic theory."

Kelly Rowland to Do Miss Universe Pageant

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In her first high-profile performance in the post-Matthew Knowles era, former Destiny's Child second fiddle Kelly Rowland is slated to perform at the Miss Universe pageant in August.
Kelly will perform her No. 1 hit "When Love Takes Over," with DJ Dave Guetta. Also on the bill is professional wrestler-lookin' Flo Rida. Kelly has been busy with her Bravo TV show "The Fashion Show," where she co-signs what other co-hosts say and rocks different colored nylon dresses with heels.
Hey, it's another notch away from the Beyonce brand and closer to Team Kelly. YEY!

Lisa Wu Hartwell: My sister should be a top model

Lisa Wu Hartwell of the "Real Atlanta Housewives" keeps saying that her sister is the bomb. And we keep shoo-shooing her. "I have a sister who is drop dead gorgeous," Hartwell told Asiance Magazine. "She should be gracing every magazine. She's taller than I am."
Well, now we see what she's talking about.
Umm, she's right. Check out more pics of

her on myspace.

Are People Losing Their Minds ... Or What?

The daily news has become a comedy of the absurb these days. Just when you've thought you've seen it all something lowers the bar.
I thought 2008 was bad but 2009 seems worse.
It's no secret that with the economy, crime and the wars overseas that people are losing it.
Downtown Atlanta has more people talking to themselves than there are people talking to people. But when did this gradual psychosis happen?
Used to be a time everybody had common sense, if not some book knowledge. Now, there's little of either. WTF is going on?

Have You Forgotten How to Dance?

If you've been in the club in the last 5 years, no doubt you've seen the army of wall flowers and the few brave movers and shakers out on the dancefloor. The most noticeable thing though is that people don't dance anymore. They grind, they hump but they don't dance.
All the dances went away in the 1990s ( I ain't with the Stanky Leg, sorry). That's when it was nothing to see the Troop, the wop, the smurf, the cabbage patch, the running man, and a host of other moves tangled onto one dancefloor.
Today most people go to the club to drink and/or hook up. But what about you?
Do you still dance? Can you dance?

If Amber Rose was a vampire ...

... would she still be hot?

Summerrrr X: 'Thinking of You'

This girl has a lot of potential. What she lacks in talent, she makes up in heart and sweetness. Will you one day be buying her album? She's competing in the UK's 1click2fame singing competition competition with a chance to win thousands of dollars. I'll be spotlighting a few of the singers gradually.
So, think you got what it takes?
Think you got talent?.
1click2fame isn't just about singing however, the site features Britain's online talent whether it be singing, comedy routines, magic or dancing.
If you've got talent, simply upload a video of yourself doing your thing.
Who knows? You could may it to the Quarterfinals or even the Finals?

ItsMsSherbie: 'Brand New' (Drake)

Solange Knowles Shaves it Off: Nightmare on Hadley St.?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A contagious infection is sweeping through the female celebrity world. Either that or a fairytale godmother with lawnmower in tow is making the rounds of all attention-seeking divas.
Solange Knowles has pulled a Ciara, who pulled a Rihanna, who did a Cassie, who, evidently wasn't feeling well one day and ... well, you can see for yourself.
The summer shave-off is in effect, people.
Who will be next?

The Unflappable Pam Oliver: TV Sports Maven

I've been at this long enough that the players know I'm serious about what I do," Tv sports reporter Pam Oliver once said in a magazine interview. "I've never once heard it said to my face, 'Oh, she's cute so I'll talk to her.' You prove that you know your stuff, and everything else falls into place."
While many other female sportscasters may tolerate the gender-badgering
(and even play to the cameras)
that seemingly comes with the territory, Oliver lives to swat it back, like the athlete she is.
Born in Dallas, Texas, the FAMU graduate has carved out a national identity on the sidelines with Fox Sports, Turner Sports and a host of smaller network affiliates.
The firestorm over ESPN reporter Erin Andrews' nude video has brought the topic of women in sports to the forefront, but only for some women.
Oliver refuses to be pigeonholed or typecast.
The revelations that someone at ESPN may haved outed Andrews won't discourage Oliver's tenacity one bit. She's never bought into the "Sports babe" mentality of some in the sports world.
With the Andrews scandal, we now know she never will.
She's Pam Oliver. TV Sports maven.
We'll look for her this fall on the sidelines again in the NFL.

Marriage in the Hood = Epic Win

As we all know, there is an epidemic of babies having babies in this country. Disproportionately these births are taking place in the cradle of high drug activity and street boisterousness: The hood.
There are a plethora of "ghetto" pics and "ghetto weddings" pics on the Web, and while they may elicit a chuckle here and there, they show an underlining truth that we all must admit: People may be broke, or even a hot mess, but they're still, in the roughest of circumstances, able to love someone.
They may not be able to wear a $1,000 tux and dress like the Obamas, but they evidently have a quality of love just as strong, if not stronger, due to the inherent struggles they face.
And to me, that's gangsta.

Diddy's All White Room?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No, it's the latest assessories furnished by IKEA (I love that store). Just think, with this set you can have your own White Party like Diddy (but you won't be in the Hamptons though. Or will you?).

Do You tell your girl EVERYTHING?

Friends are hard to find, and harder to keep, says an old proverb. But it's especially true in these days of backbiting, double crossing, and Hatorade.
Our close associates are a part of us: They know us and share common experiences that draw us closer to them. But is there a limit?
Does your BBF know all your business?
Many women will tell their friends how their man likes it in bed and his fave position and all that, oblivious to the fact that such knowledge may breed covetousness or straight jealousy.
In this day and age of the Internet, people know enough about you just by seeing a username or bio. To those people that you actually know, are you inclined to keep no secrets?

Style: You can't teach it

Should Beyonce Go After The Game?

The crowd rocked in anthemic fervor with Compton, California-bred rapper Game recently as he sprayed a venomous diatribe at mega-rapper Jay-Z.
It took a surreal turn when he also directed shots at Jay-Z's wifey Beyonce, in what many people called crass and a cheap shot.
Jay-Z, who has an album on the way, has not spoken about the diss but there's no doubt they've paid attention. Is Jay-Z's tactic to stay above the fray going to work this time?
Or should Beyonce, who's shown herself apt at the heavy-lifting when it comes to selling records, throw a few lyrical darts?
Bey, since joining forces with Jay, has stepped up her rap game and could actually destroy him if she chose to go the all hip-hop route.
But should she do it?

Nicki Minaj: Hotter Than July

It is turning into a very good month for rapper Nicki Minaj, the female emcee in Lil Wayne's Young Money outfit. She's been burning up hot spots around the South with intimate performances that speak to her lyrical prowess as well as her sex appeal. Lil Kim comparisons not withstanding, this is Nicki's time.
But with the fall approaching, the hip-hop industry is churning toward a trifecta not seen in recent years as mega-weights Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and now, Lil Wayne all plan to drop albums in September.
Handicapping each contender is their eager-to-be released mixtapes that fans will gobble up on sight, which makes Nicki Minaj's profile even brighter -- and more crucial -- as she'll no doubt trade deliveries with the Codeine-sipping miser Weezy F. Baby herself.
If Nicki can deliver the momentum -- and even more fem fans to the movement -- look for Wayne to catapult her career next to his. But this summer is just as important for Nicki: She still doesn't have a label yet; her set "Beam Me Up Scotty," while good is understandably rough around the edges.
This is her summer: If she can't muster the pressure, she'll slide behind Drake and possibly whoever else is up and coming on the Young Money label.
Can she heat it up?

Celebrity Style: Desiree Rogers

At a Hawaiian-themed luau on the White House lawn recently, presidential social maven Desiree Rogers gets it in on the crackberry in a springy ensemble.

What's Up With Men and Deez NutsTight Pants?

Go to any major city, especially in the "chi chi," areas, and you'll inevitably see them: Tight pants. Excruciatingly tight pants. On men.
And the interesting thing is, alot of these men aren't gay (I'm not saying all of them aren't but ...) from the anecdotal evidence that I have, which is not a lot, it seems that men are beginning to just go for the tight, straight-leg look nowadays.
Is it a Kanye thing?
Go to the mall, or the local Starbucks, or even the library, you'll soon see males with jeans as tight as duct tape around plumbing.
Is it Emancipatingly Fierce ... or Epic Fail?

CiCi's New Do: If I Were A Boy

ATL's princess of crunk, Ciara Harris has debuted a new hairstyle that is sure to restart comparisons to RiRi and Halle and every Tom, Dick and Harry. Is this just a fad or will CiCi make the style her own? It's been going on 20 years and people still refer to the low cut as "a Halle Berry." Now that's staying power!
Would you rock it?

Keeping Up With Heather Hunter

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ah, the 1990s. Music was so fresh back then: No autotune, no police officers rapping, life was simple.
Then came Heather Hunter, the first porn star turned rapper.
She actually lived the life that those after her Lil Kim, Trina, Jackie-O, only rapped about.
Rolling with none other than Tupac Shakur, Hunter became a fixture on the music scene on the West Coast. Like many of her sex partners on film, she quickly fizzled out.
Where is she now?
Hunter, 45, has gotten back to her first love: art, opening up a gallery in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, New York in 2007. Theck some of her pieces.C Still a freak, she's also released a novel in 2008 called "Insatiable: The Rise of a Porn Star," in which the story is said to be fiction. (read a passage from the book).

Who Da Best: Tina or Bey?

We can't help but compare them: One had a voice like primed Chevy, the other like a rumbling Mustang. Both have long, bronze legs of golden velocity; moves to make you dizzy.
If Beyonce was born in the 50s, could she hang with Tina?
And if Tina was born in 1982, would she be all the rage right now?
Who da best?

Celebrity Style: Christina Milan

Friday, July 17, 2009

When you say the words "Christina Milian" your mind may automatically think of the Dream, the supermusic producer who is her fiance. But for many of us, the Dream may refer to Christina's brickhouse body shown here in a bikini. Or maybe it's her husband-to-be that is living the Dream? Either way, nobody wants to wake up.

London Fashion Show = Hot Mess?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's been obvious for decades that in western Europe they like their golden calfs mixed with molten chocolate, but even this latest orgy of fashion, photography and chi-chi-ness is kinda out there.
British stylist Simon Foxton gives us the exhibition “When You’re a Boy,” a look back at his fave work over the past 25 years. It very well could have been called "Negroes with Attitudes". It's all masculine and its all fun and games I'm sure. But the pics i saw were kinda weird.

The show is the equivalent of a show by What's his face Alexander on "America's Next Top Model," or perhaps a more rough style of American stylist June Ambrose.
American hotness, which takes its cues from across the pond, will have some catching up to do before this kinda stuff is hot over here. But it's coming.

Now Little Girls Everywhere Will Get it Skint

Bad Boy recording artist Cassie has her first major style biter: None other than RiRi herself.
When Cassie debuted the "runaway lawnmower" look, people shrugged at it as a show of attention, but now that Rihanna has followed suit, we may have a bonafide hairstyle now (hair salons, get ready). The "skint" look that Rihanna recently displayed will no doubt be followed by thousands of school girls that want to emulate the stylee. Will it catch on?

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Cassie pioneers new hairstyle

Questions inquiring minds be wanting to know

Why Isn't Mya Bigger Than She is?

Few female R&B artists can boast a platinum album, yet Washington D.C. native Mya Harrison has more than one.
Believe it or not but it was 11 years ago when Mya first came on the scene. Her debut album produced a gold-certified top 10 single "It's All About Me" featuring Sisqo.
She followed that up with another platinum album in 2000, "Fear of Flying." She should have been on her way.
For as long as she's been at it, Mya should have been as big as Rihanna if not Beyonce.
Yet 2009 finds Mya, after small movie bit parts, doing endorsement deals for the likes of Motorola and Coca-Cola.
What happened?
For starters, Mya seems to like to associate with buggers.
Did she date Ray J? Then, did she actually hook up with Maino? And the creme de la creme, is she currently dating Gucci Mane?
Not exactly career gold.
The bigger problem seems to be her management: Mya left A$M records in 2005 on the cusp of a new album. Her new label choice? Motown.
After she failed to get any radio traction from a few singles, her album was shelved in the U.S., enjoying release only in Japan.
While Beyonce is scorching international and U.S. cities on a world tour and while the world is ready to buy the next spit that comes out of Rihanna's mouth, today Mya is working with a Japanese label, still trying to figure out U.S. radio play and digital sales.

'I Want to Be Like You'

Spurred on by nothing more than the slow wheels of progress, there has been a paradigm shift in the thinking of racial archtypes (note I didn't say stereo) in recent years.
While as little as 10 years ago, many African-American women who looked a certain way, wore their hair a particular way were fashioned as trying to be "European," nowadays it's just as easy to see Caucasian women emulating the styles of black women.
This 'I want to be you' commune is not new: Take a youth, any youth, and surround him with positive, strong role models then you will in effect create a positive, strong role model.
Does that mean that we are post-racism in society? Noooo. It means that we can no longer afford to subconsciously judge a person just on race.
Take a young girl and surround her with diverse friends and exposure to different cultures, and it's likely you'll create a person that emulates the best from various cultures, styles and faiths.
It's natural: 'I see you' 'I understand you' 'I want to be you'.

Wherefore is Kenya Moore?

In the early 1990s when hip-hop videos were gaining in sophistication and black models were starting to brand themselves, one of the most recognizable black women was Kenya Moore, who was Miss Michigan USA, then Miss USA 1993 (she competed in Miss Universe 1993 but lost).
Moore had it all: brains, beauty and an unquenchable desire to have the media and Hollywood take her seriously and respect her.

She repeatedly refused requests from Playboy, Penhouse and numerous black magazines to do nude centerfolds and photoshoots at a time when the money would have vaulted her career into the stratosphere.
But Moore took the high road.
As a result, she didn't quite catch on in Hollywood (her greatest movie exposure came in a black independent film called "Trois") and instead toured the black TV sitcom circuit, appearing in everything from "Martin" to "In the HOuse."
Where is she today?
Moore is busy promoted her Kenya Moore Foundation and her book "Game: Get Some," a relationship rules book.

Short Men + Tall Women: Can it Work?

I'm sure you've heard it or said it before: "I want to look UP ... to my man."
Men have been known to say: "I don't want a woman to be able to look at me eye to eye.
A lot of men will tell you that they want a girl shorter than them.
Many women will express their preference for a taller man.
Ingrained in each desire is the need for superiority, domination associated with height: Why is that?
Does a person's height subconsciously trigger hormones in the other person that allow them to be more submissive or aroused more?
Not scientifically, but there is anecdotal evidence that indeed shows that women submit and even enjoy being led by a taller man. The converse is also true: Men enjoy leading a shorter woman.

Many celebrity men have dated taller women, presumably to sexually conquer a bigger conquest, but it hasn't lasted. Many women have dated shorter men and found that there is absolutely no difference i.e. it's all in the mind.
Would you date a shorter man?

The Difference Between Sex and Intimacy

Well, do you know?
Do you know the difference between sex and intimacy?
One can entail the other, but do you know when each -- and not the other -- is required?
Do you rush into the brute, peripheral act without the gradual, learned process of teaching each other how to be intimate first?
Before you learned big words like "intercourse," and "ejaculation," you -- probably being about 12 or 13 --- knew about sex, at least in its basic forms.
Sex had crept into your conversation with your peers and back then it was purely physical: the act.
Do you know that some people never learn more than that, even years later as an adult?
intimacy, while it can be learned, in many ways is an artform.
Do you know what it entails?
If so, count yourself fortunate, because alot of otherwise good men, and women, have. no. idea.
What's your definition of intimacy?

The Colossus: Chanel No. 5

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When I first caught a whiff of a woman wearing Chanel No. 5, it took me by surprise: She flew by me -- we were passing through a duty-free shop in Toronto -- in such a hurry she didn't even notice she scarf whack me in the face.
Upon further realization, it wasn't the scarf, but the Chanel.
Debuting in 1921, Chanel No. 5 has been dubbed "the world's most legendary frangrance."
It gets its name from French madame Gabrielle "CoCo" Chanel.
Before Chanel, most perfumes were derived from natural oils such as balsam and flower extracts.
Not Chanel.
CoCo, who was born in a poorhouse, is famous for saying ""I want to give women an artificial perfume," said Chanel. "Yes, I really do mean artificial, like a dress, something that has been made. I don't want any rose or lily of the valley, I want a perfume that is a composition."
Sophisticated yet simple (inhales). Yes.

Did Ruth Madoff do anything to earn your vicious anger? Huh? Huh?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now sure, her husband is Public Enemy Numbero Uno on the hottest hitlist this side of Bogota for swindling investors, but Mrs. Ruth?
Was she in on it?
Maybe, maybe not, but I don't think so.
Men don't even tell their spouses the full monty when it comes to income, let's be real.
If Ruth never asked (likely) ole Bernie probably never bothered to tell his significant other that the private jet to St. Lucia was bought with corrupt stacks.
Reports say Ruth has been thrown out on the street, refused service at restaurants, banned from hair salons and even pelted with dollar sign-shaped cookie dough at a New York bakery (okay I made up that last one, but wouldn't that be cool?) Her dear sons don't even return her phone calls.
Either way, does Ruth deserve all the Hatorade?

For Chris Brown, At Least One Female Has His Back

The most infamous boyfriend since Anna Mae Bullock brought home Wister, C. Breezy has been mighty active on the social front recently: Appearing at basketball playoff games, Jet-Skiing in Miami, and doing YouTubes with the goons. But nothing has been as evident as his new jawn, Teyana Taylor. The 18-year-old has been riding with celebrities deep since Pharrell put her on a few years back. (Also in the pic is Alycia Bellamy, from Russell Simmons' show "Daddy's Girls," and Omarion). But Taylor has obviously used this inopportune time to bond with Brown like no other female celebrity has.
True, Ciara lobbied hard to keep a duet with Brown on her new album, but she has avoided candid shots with him, considering how close the two reportedly are. Not so with Taylor, who seems to relish the spotlight, no matter how hot it shines, to one-up her career plans.
I guess a girl's gotta eat, eh?

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Are You Just Chillen Letting the Summer Pass You By?

As each day continues to swelter with anticipation with the promise of glorious possibilities, many of us, including me, have simply sat by, content to watch the tumultuous winds blow.
While just chilling can be therapeutic, why haven't we gone on vacation? Why are we so stagnant in 2009? Did anything change?
Is it the economy? More likely its our own personal economy.
Despite the traffic you see on the highway, many Americans are by and large broke.
The 5-day cruise, even the weekend getaway is simply not in the plans this year.
If you're like me sometimes we simply forego going "out," choosing to save the little change it takes to take advantage of the summer air. (Is that healthy?)
Of course, do we really need to travel to "get away"? Not really.
But it'd be nice.

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White House Style: Mona Sutphen

As much as you might try, you simply can't knock the hustle of White House Deputy Chief of Staff Mona Sutphen. The Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts) and London School of Economics graduation reportedly has a weakness for Vera Wang but basically can look good in anything.
While Michelle Obama has toned down her appearances, pundits say Sutphen is opening up and granting more interviews. Is that a good thing or bad?

Critics Trash Ashanti in 'The Wiz'

With the shows ending last week in the short-running stage production of "The Wiz," singer Ashanti has gotten mixed reviews as Dorothy.
Actually if you replaced the word mixed with horrible, you'd be more on point.
We all saw this coming, right? I bet Nelly saw it ("You need to stay right hurrrr," he prolly told her).
It's not that she doesn't have the pipes of, say, Diana Ross (Well, let's be honest, she doesn't). But homegirl is trying to act too. What Di pulled off so effortlessly is apparently harder than it looks.
The New York Daily News said of her part: "A mighty singer with a voice that soars, but a limited actress whose face registers apprehension, delight, anger, whatever,
with scarcely a shift in expression.

Bloomberg said of her performance: As Dorothy, Ashanti sings pleasingly enough, but she isn’t much of an actress, her posture often listless and her expression a frequently frozen blank.

Even the New York Times called her "lovely but lifeless".

Guess, being on Murder Inc. so long must have taken the life out of ole 'Shanti. Somewhere, between lying to "Deb," we think Irv Gotti is smiling:)

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Queen of stage, Eartha Kitt passes

Kelly Rowland 'Not Ready' to Find Real Dad

Monday, July 13, 2009

Former Destiny's Chillen Kelly Rowland says she's not ready to find her biological father, whom she hasn't seen since she was 7.
Apparently she's got too much going on.
The revelation sheds more light on the impact Matthew Knowles, whom she dumped four months ago as manager, had in her life.
She told Britain's Heat Radio: "I feel like I'm not really ready for that yet, I've enough going on in my life to really open that up. Maybe later on in about 16 or 17 months. I told myself I'd work for 16 long months and then I'd take a vacation or a break, but now is not that time for me."
Kelly and mom Doris Rowland Garrison were forced to leave when a Daddy would come home "drunk and aggressive."
"I don't know where he is but I hope he's not dead. That would break my heart. I remember my dad being drunk and aggressive towards my mom but not me. It took courage for her to get away.
"I don't know if he knows who I am or what I've done. He must be hiding under a rock if he doesn't."

Rihanna in GQ

From 'General Hospital' to Wedding Bells

Victoria Rowell, the photogenic actress best known from her days on "General Hospital," just snagged an ATLien in visual artist Radcliffe Bailey, according to the New York Times.
The couple married in New Hampshire and the bride was given away by Samuel L. Jackson, with celebrities in tow. Radcliffe, 10 years younger than Rowell, will have to subscribe to what ever she's taking in the youth medicine department, because Rowell looks every bit of 30 (while he looks fiddy).

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