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Why Isn't Mya Bigger Than She is?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Few female R&B artists can boast a platinum album, yet Washington D.C. native Mya Harrison has more than one.
Believe it or not but it was 11 years ago when Mya first came on the scene. Her debut album produced a gold-certified top 10 single "It's All About Me" featuring Sisqo.
She followed that up with another platinum album in 2000, "Fear of Flying." She should have been on her way.
For as long as she's been at it, Mya should have been as big as Rihanna if not Beyonce.
Yet 2009 finds Mya, after small movie bit parts, doing endorsement deals for the likes of Motorola and Coca-Cola.
What happened?
For starters, Mya seems to like to associate with buggers.
Did she date Ray J? Then, did she actually hook up with Maino? And the creme de la creme, is she currently dating Gucci Mane?
Not exactly career gold.
The bigger problem seems to be her management: Mya left A$M records in 2005 on the cusp of a new album. Her new label choice? Motown.
After she failed to get any radio traction from a few singles, her album was shelved in the U.S., enjoying release only in Japan.
While Beyonce is scorching international and U.S. cities on a world tour and while the world is ready to buy the next spit that comes out of Rihanna's mouth, today Mya is working with a Japanese label, still trying to figure out U.S. radio play and digital sales.



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