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Critics Trash Ashanti in 'The Wiz'

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

With the shows ending last week in the short-running stage production of "The Wiz," singer Ashanti has gotten mixed reviews as Dorothy.
Actually if you replaced the word mixed with horrible, you'd be more on point.
We all saw this coming, right? I bet Nelly saw it ("You need to stay right hurrrr," he prolly told her).
It's not that she doesn't have the pipes of, say, Diana Ross (Well, let's be honest, she doesn't). But homegirl is trying to act too. What Di pulled off so effortlessly is apparently harder than it looks.
The New York Daily News said of her part: "A mighty singer with a voice that soars, but a limited actress whose face registers apprehension, delight, anger, whatever,
with scarcely a shift in expression.

Bloomberg said of her performance: As Dorothy, Ashanti sings pleasingly enough, but she isn’t much of an actress, her posture often listless and her expression a frequently frozen blank.

Even the New York Times called her "lovely but lifeless".

Guess, being on Murder Inc. so long must have taken the life out of ole 'Shanti. Somewhere, between lying to "Deb," we think Irv Gotti is smiling:)

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