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Should Beyonce Go After The Game?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The crowd rocked in anthemic fervor with Compton, California-bred rapper Game recently as he sprayed a venomous diatribe at mega-rapper Jay-Z.
It took a surreal turn when he also directed shots at Jay-Z's wifey Beyonce, in what many people called crass and a cheap shot.
Jay-Z, who has an album on the way, has not spoken about the diss but there's no doubt they've paid attention. Is Jay-Z's tactic to stay above the fray going to work this time?
Or should Beyonce, who's shown herself apt at the heavy-lifting when it comes to selling records, throw a few lyrical darts?
Bey, since joining forces with Jay, has stepped up her rap game and could actually destroy him if she chose to go the all hip-hop route.
But should she do it?



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