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Friday, October 30, 2009

Who should play 'Jessica' in 'Roger Rabbit 2'?

With Hollywood confirming the news that "Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2" is in the works, you have to wonder if it's prudent to go the cartoon route or give the mantle of "leading lady" to someone of the fleshly realm.
Not since Marylin Monroe has a screen starlet ramped up the testosterone types like the one and only Jessica Rabbit.
Here are a few candidates taken from around the Web for the part:

Jessica Rabbit 1: Haute and spicy

Hmmm, not too shabby. You think she's a natural Strawberry though? And the dress seems too flammable, an accident waiting to happen? Hmmm, maybe not.

Jessica Rabbit 2: Heidi Heidi Heidi Hoooo

Supermodel and supermom Heidi Klum pulls the role off effortlessly as the sultry nightclub singer married to a hare. No doubt she'd get the role, and we probably can throw in a couple of shots of Seal clutching a "Rose" or something.

Jessica Rabbit 3: Will are my pills?

Of course, you can always go with a more tragic-looking figure for the top lady. This one, obviously for a Halloween party, may have had one too many Tom Collins though to make it through the film. Anyway, red dresses do something to us, don't they?

Jessica Rabbit 4: Disney meets the Scrip club

Aaaah, let's get some Motherland in this piece. Who framed "Jesshika" Rabbit, anyone? The acting chops may not be there but -- say what you want-- the bros are with me on this one.

Jessica Rabbit 5: America's Next Top Bottle

You can tell a hype, can't you? She looks waaaay too dependent on that ciggy. And while the model world these days is into the thin-look, we think this one needs a tad bit more loin before it's all Hollygood.

Jessica Rabbit 6: Pixar, eat your heart out

Aaah, computer animation, Photoshop and old fashioned Mickey Mouse come together on this one. Instead of a real person, why don't we just jazz up the cartoonish look, and call it a day? I mean, it was 1986 when filming began on the original one. Can you imagine how much lipo, tummy-tuck, Botox she could have underwent since then???

The Demise of the Soul Album

It is on pleasant autumn days such as this that I wantonly miss the good old days of music: Soul albums.
To be more specific, the texture and warm feel of a vinyl record that produces soulful sounds. I miss linear notes. I miss the cover art, big and bold colors that were as much a part of the music as the sonic impressions coming out of the speaker.
Now we have cold, electronic, digital files.
They sound clear and all, but they don't have the "warmth" of a fuzzy needle. It's like seeing an awesome picture of the moon in full resolution (CD), and actually being on top of a mountain gazing into the night sky (record).
There's simply some sensory perpection missing.
Man, I miss the soul album.

Celebrities come out for 'Precious' premiere

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The movie that everyone's talking about, "Precious," based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire premiered to raucous praise and support recently by some of Hollywood's A-listers.
The film's director, , has a hilarious quote about how he inroduced himself at Cannes, by saying, "I’m a little homo, I’m a little Euro and I’m a little ghetto.”

To say that the film is a little ghetto though would be an accurate portrayal. Gabourey Sidibe, the film's protagonist, shines as a mountain of teenage insecurity and low self-esteem (the total opposite of the real Gabourey). Even Lenny Kravitz has a role in the Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry-produced film.

The film stars stars comedian and talk show host Monique (shown here with her husband) as an abusive single mother who is raising a baby having babies. Monique's appearance at the premiered deaded rumors that she had reportedly refused to promote the film without a steep payback.

People are saying that Mariah steals the show as a totally unrecognizable counselor. Mimi is quoted as saying that the hardest part of the role was going "without makeup"
for so long. (What?)

Chris Brown's album cover for 'Graffiti'

Chris Brown has released the album art for his forthcoming LP 'Graffiti'. The style is kinda "Star Wars" meets "Space Jam" if you ask me (What's with the
Hans Solo boots dough?)
I don't know, Chris. When people think of you they still see Rihanna's beat-up face -- at least this year -- and it just may be a bit too premature to come out so hard. But what do I know,
I'm not in the record-buying public.

TV's top prime female: Tyra is No. 1

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First of all, we can't count Oprah Winfrey, because her show is not considered "primetime." If it did, then this wouldn't even be close.
But Tyra Banks is the No. 1 earner among women on primetime TV, according to Forbes.
While there are other aspiring media moguls out there, none of them have pulled it together across such a broad spectrum as T. Banks.
Tyra, who has become a poster child for fake hair and real shapes among women, pulls in $30 million for her talk show, endorsements, and of course ANTM. She was followed by Katherine Heigl, who pulled in $18 million. Check out the top woman earners list and see if you're on there (wink).

Celebrity costumes for Halloween

Well it was a scary night for some celebrities, and we're not talking about the VMAs.
All Hallow's Eve brought out the demonic kid in more than just a few celebrities, including the First Couple. I think Michelle Obama was dressed as the
Southern University mascot, while Barack Obama came as
Mr. Rogers.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey: Schtick at Nite

Nick and MiMi both wore white, in contrast to their wedding day, but that's another story. Angels were the theme as Mr. Cannon kept his princess at his side the whole night, while Mariah rocked a halo above her head just in case onlookers didn't get the hint. (Meanwhile, the bodyguard did his best to look like
Young Jeezy).

Brangelina: Mr. and Mrs. Spliff

It's obvious that the ganja is having an effect on Brad Pitt; not only has he let himself go, but he chose to trick-or-treat with a glass of Henny in one hand, walking around looking like a construction barrel - talk about unimaginative costumes. Meanwhile wifey Angelina just looked bad. I dunno.

Kimora and Damon Hounsou: Give Us. Us Free

Kimora Lee Simmons and Damon Hounsou look like a walking episode of "Mash" with this medical get-up on. The couple knows a thing or two about playing doctor: A new baby was added to the family this year.

Beyonce and anon 'Catperson': Get it Girls

While Jay-Z was out reppin' New York, his wife Beyonce and an anonymous caped crusader were seen on the scene doing what they do best: Prowl. The dynamic duo played it kinda retro though: Beyonce was a fierce Spiderwoman (in his 1975 suit) while the other chick was a 1965 Catwoman.

Beyonce to do Thanksgiving Special on TV

In a case of network television bringing superstardom to your living rooms, ABC says it will broadcast Beyonce on Nov. 26 for a Thanksgiving special.
The special is geared to promote the deluxe edition of Beyonce's album "I Am ... Sasha Fierce" and a live CD/DVD.
The fact that "I Am" was released in 2008 shows you that Bey is serious about not producing any new material until she gets her long-awaited hiatus from the business.
But the burning question is, who exactly will America be sharing their Thanksgivings with? the newly married star-singer Beyonce (and Jay-Z)? or the booty-shaking, Mama-afraid-to-let-their-schoolgirls-watch Sasha Fierce?

Tyra for Halloween: Pepa???

Tyra Banks, illustrating her addiction to all kinds of wigs, called herself trying to dress up for Halloween as Kim Kardashian this week. The only problem is that she inadvertently pulled a dead ringer for Pepa of Salt and Pepa.
To call the similarities stunning would be an understatement. I halfway expected Tyra to go into full "Push It" mode ("You really got me goin. You got me Go-in."

The Gucci Joy Bag

Okay, so they call it a joy bag for a reason, eeeight? I don't exactly know why but it is what it is, okay? Gucci has some of the most ferocious stuff on the market so they must know what they're talking about, right?
Get more Gucci bags here.

Raphael Saadiq: Lonesome Soul Singer

Wow, it seemed like yesterday when the sweet sounds of Tony! Toni! Toné, the Oakland-based family trio, engulfed urban radio.
Raphael Saadiq, formerly, Raphael Wiggins, has always had a lonesome streak.
Hard to believe that Saadiq's "Ask of You," his biggest song to date, was released in 1995 (on the "Higher Learning" soundtrack no less).
Saadiq is content to carry his soulful tunes under the current bright lights and hardships that plague many artists. He's done the brotherly group thing, the Lucy Pearl thing and even the hip-hop producing thing, all to mixed results.
These days Saadiq is just doing Saadiq. His latest venture is as executive producer of a TV sitcom centered around Tatyana Ali. Still in development, the working title for the show is "Love That Girl."

Ipod Ghetto Blaster

Just when you thought the 1980s were dead and gone, Apple has turned the supreme old-school beat box on its head with the Ipod beat box cradle. The box holds a powerful Ipod and blasts digital goodness throughout the bou.le.vard.
Get it - for the low low -$188 @ Amazon

Lina: Totally Slept On Singer of the Decade

If it wasn't for Michael Baisden's radio show, you probably wouldn't know the sounds of Lina, the Hidden Beach recording artist who has truly been an underground in her quest for stardom.
Lina has been around a loooong time, I should know, I copped her first joint, way back in the late 1990s. Immersed in the "neo soul" movement back then, urban radio just didn't get Lina's retro sound. But now, with the succes of people like Amy Winehouse and even Solange's earthy, '60s soul sound, it must be said that Lina did it first. The only difference is that Lina's sound actually went back further than the 1960s, she tapped into pre-jazz ragtime for her first album.
Will she ever break out?
Time will tell. Check out her latest, "My Man".

Twitter Beard Masks: Trick or Tweet?

The holiday mask season is in overdrive as youngens scurry about the stores to find costumes to look spooky in. One of the more curious items this year is the Twitter Beard Mask.
NOw, if you already have a beard then it's not much use to you, but if you don't then ... You can download the Twitter beard mask, cut it out and commence to scaring people immediately if you wish.
What's that? Oh, even Beyonce herself has one? Figures.

ATL Halloween party: J.D., Dallas Austin, etc.

If you're down for a scary-good time then Dallas Austin, Jermaine Dupri and Leo Marshall have got some bloody fun for you. If you're in the ATL, check it out.

Farrah Franklin: Destiny Fullfilled?

Farrah Franklin used to be in Destiny's Child, for those of you who don't recognize the face. Franklin, a teen model, was used as an extra in Destiny Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills" video and was personally tapped by Mathew Knowles (along with Michelle Williams) to join the group. She lasted less than year, hearing about her firing from MTV, of all sources.
Since the departure, Franklin has been in search of stardom but it has proved to be elusive.
Earlier this year, she formed the Internet girl group Pheenx with two other girls only to find out that one of them was doing porn on the side. Franklin also took a turn on the reality TV show "Millionaire MatchMaker". That didn't go so right either.
Now Franklin is reportedly trying to record an album and shop it to music labels in 2010.
Destiny fulfilled?

Prince had a house party, y'all

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The high-heeled Purple One -- the baddest man alive know that the King of Pop is dead, yes, i'm talking about Prince, the one and only -- welcomed people into his home this past weekend for what surely was a surprise as the bitter cold starts to envelope the Twin Cities.
Prince had a little free concert at his Paisley Park studios/home to bring attention to something we all need to be talking about: The needy.
The admission price was only canned goods and new and/or gently-used coats and winter clothes. NO word on how many attended, but it was a loving gesture, considering the economic mess going on these days. Sign O the Times?

What's up with Michelle Williams?

Destiny be damned, singer Michelle Williams is prepping for another album that probably won't see the light of day until mid- to late 2010.
Since her days in the greatest-selling female pop group of all time, Michelle has recorded gospel music, returned to pop music, and even set her sights on Broadway.
Michelle has been successful in whatever genre she's done; her Gospel album in 2002 was the best-selling Gospel album that year.
In 2008, her single "We Break the Dawn," reached No. 1 on the dance charts.

Gucci can sell anything

We don't even know what this is (update: One of those tops that have an identical top inside of it, and an identical smaller one inside of it and it goes on to infinity), but you put Gucci on it, and people buy that kind of thing. Well, they used to before this stuff.

Model chicks still being 'Shopped

The quest to get "real" women with "real" shapes continues in the fashion world: The above model was photoshopped to look svelte, "slim."
Girls and impressionable women who see this magazine cover will no doubt subconsciously believe that skinny chicks are the way to fame, glamor and glitz.
"Down with stick chicks!" "Down with stick chicks!" repeat: "Down with stick chicks!"
Are you going to let the empire win?
Where my "real" women at?

Hot Shoes: Would You Rock These?

If wish I could tell you where these are located, but ... me can't do that. At the moment.

Rihanna: ReSpectacled

Monday, October 26, 2009

Your girl Rihanna has rocked many different kinds of glasses/shades along the way?
Does Ms. Fenty actually wear glasses in real life?
We think so, but she's not the kind to keep them clear-lens. She has rocked shades of any kind and many kind through the years.
But is she blind?

The Hotness: Fendi Ipod Bag

I told you I got you for the sales season. If you're "heavy" into the gadgets, try this Ipod accessory bag from Fendi.
Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the iPod case easily holds 12 iPods (do you have enough music for 12 Ipods?). That's one for every day of the week, plus holidays. Maybe you can download that new Melanie Fiona?

Ciara: Braids are Back

Leave it to that ATL style maven Ciara Harris to bring it back to the Motherland with the braids.]
Ciara was seening out on the town in Los Angeles and then later via U-stream rocking the cornrow look.
For you history buffs, you may wonder, so who was the person who brought cornrows to the forefront of American celebrity culture?

Wikipedia says: A common way of styling hair among populations across the African continent, cornrows survived for centuries in the United States and other parts of the New World as a style of hair preparation among enslaved Africans and their progeny. In 1963, when most African American women were loath to be seen in public with unstraightened hair, actress Cicely Tyson drew immediate notice when she sported cornrows on the popular network television series East Side/West Side.
That's right, CiCi, the original CiCi did it first!

Is Ashanti Still Hot?

Is Ashanti still hot?
Does she still have it?
Fresh off her stage debut in the multi-week run of "The Wiz," and free of her record label woes with The Inc, AND free of a longterm relationship with rapper Nelly, (well, maybe) one has to ask: What's up with Ashanti these days?

The last we saw of her she performed with Ja Rule at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors, but as of now no solid music plans are in place.
People would not believe how much Ashanti had the music world on look a short 5 years ago. Everywhere you went you heard this girl. She was just that hot (Remember: "Foolish" sold more than 503,000 copies in its first week of release.)
Today, she's got fierce competition from the likes of Ms. Disturbia herself, as well as CiCi, Keri and a slew of others gunning for the throne.
So, does Ashanti have a chance?
Would you buy an album?

Who is Melanie Fiona?

About every few years there's an artist that you hear one time, and your mind makes a mental footnote. The chords, the vocals, the style, everthing feels right.
So it is with Melanie Fiona's debut offering on urban radio at the moment.
So who is Melanie Fiona? Urban radio's answer to Amy Winehouse, to put it succinctly.
The Toronto native has yet to release an album but has been paying dues opening for Kanye West across the pond.
Fiona has been touring to support her album, "The Bridge",, even spreading the love on the street,Last Page and reviews are hyper-praiseworthy.

The Hotness: LED Lashes

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Korean art-design collective known as SooniPark has come up with a novel way to stand out at the club: LED lashes.
If you want to order some of these, please hit me up via email. Feel free to do it yourself, but you'll need to know some Korean.

Celebrity Style: Melyssa Ford (Oops)

Hey, sometime we're working so hard, and we just perspire and we, well, sometimes we just get a little wet under the pits (Couldn't the photographer say something though?)

Christopher Brown: Revisited

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well, you knew it would come to this, didn't you?
The rehabilitation of Chris Brown is in full effect, with a new album ready to be dropped and a slew of marketing and promotion to do.
So, will you buy "it"?
No, not the fact that a mere adolescent is asking the world to forgive him for a crime that was made worse by the media's boundless publicity of it. It's not like Mr. Brown didn't have enough attention from some.
I'm talking about the album. I hear there's some decent numbers on there, including the pretty good "Crawl."
Will you be a Chris Brown fan again?

Zoe Kravitz shares skin secrets

The eccentric Zoe Kravitz, the lovechild of rocker Lenny Kraviz and actress Lisa Bonet, is sharing skin secrets with the world these days.
The "family" secret, which comes to us from Teen Vogue, comes from her mother, (remember her? The wayward Huxtable?).
Zoe says: "My mom told me to use coconut oil instead of body lotion. It makes my arms and legs feel amazing. I try to use products that don't have anything fake in them."
And there is nothing fake about coconut oil, as it has a variety of uses around the world from moisturizer to food.
People in tropical regions are no stranger to the benefits of coconut oil: It is the primary source of fat in the diets of millions of people.
Did we mention it is great for cooking and frying?

Eva and Tony in Sexy Photoshoot

Celebrity couple Eva Longoria and Tony Parker recently posed for a London Fog ad campaign.
London Fog is using celebrities as the holiday season ramps up, and the San Antonio Spurs guard and his television actress wife are the second high-profilers to be featured. Earlier this year, London Fog used supermodel Gisele Bundchen (who is married to another star athlete, the New England Patroits' Tom Brady.)
If you don't like the pics, Longoria says she's used to the haters: "I grew up as the ugly duckling. They used to call me 'la prieta fea,' which means 'the ugly dark one,'" Longoria said.
Not no mo!

Did Toccara sell out?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A few years back when she first appeared on Tyra Banks' "America's Next Top Model," the volumptuous plus-sized Toccara took it hard when she was seen as too big, "fat," to many of the show's contestants (and even Tyra herself) to make it to superstardom.
But my have things changed. Toccara is looking slim and svelte as ever these days, thanks to a consistent diet and workout regimen that she finally got serious about in 2008.
I'm sure she feels good about herself; she's confident; hey, she looks good.
But did she sell out?
The "establishment" has long ruled that an overweight woman can't be atop the modeling world. Yet Toccara seemed for a minute that she was stubborn enough -- determined enough -- to try to change that. She defiantly challenged Tyra about her weight, becoming, ever so briefly, an example to other plus-sized women and girls out there that they too can make it.
She publicly exuded confidence that she was, indeed, just "like the other girls."
Evidently, she was.
She lost the weight. All of it.
Now, will she go on to supermodel stardom? Maybe not, these days the modeling industry is taking a turn to promote, oh the irony, big-boned women aka "real women" in a smackdown to the industry. Will Toccara put the weight back on now?

Lil Mama. Spotted. Again

Celebrity Style: Bey

'Balloon Boy' listens to Kelly Rowland album, vomits

Monday, October 19, 2009

This was just too hilarious to pass up. Destiny's Child and Balloon Boy. Together.

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