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Overheard: Good Women Desire Not-so-good Man. Really?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Overheard on the black, educated and Single. Why" thread at Black Voices. I don't know if it's a true statment (uttered by '320 X 240), but y'all need to stop playin'.

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My Problem With Twitter

It's cool and all, but, I dunno, I just can't get all into it like some. It's been called "microblogging," it's been called just a simple IM platform. What is it about Twitter that's so friggin' popular? I mean, I get that I can follow and get followed by "friends." I get that Amanda Diva will holla back. I get that "What are you doing" is a fundamental question in life. But do we really need to know that I just cut a bunny bread slice into two perfect triangles? Do I really need to know that somebody in northern Ohio just pissed in the snow? Twitter just seems to me, i dunno, a stalker's paradise? I mean, it's cool, don't get me wrong. But this post kinda sums it up for me. I dunno, maybe it's just me.

Condi Rice inks book deal worth $2.5 million

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free to sweat out the stresses of world politics, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice just signed a three-book deal with Random House. According to reports, the former Stanford provost will do a trilogy that focuses on her upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama all the way to the White House. The literary turn follows in the footsteps of her mentor and former boss, George Bush who is set to begin work on a coloring book about his travails in the Oval Office.

Would You Rock These?

For the stallion in you, would you/could you rock these? And where?

or how about these Chanel sneakers?

And of course, one flew over the coocoo's nest.

Sperm Wars: Should Men be Liable for Paternity?

Scene 1: Imagine a man's shock when he finds out years later that an old girlfriend kept some of his sperm and used it to impregnate herself. The worse news? A judge rules that he is liable for paternity, in this case $800 a month. Now is this a made-up movie or play? Not at all, this is for-true, real life. Is this legal? Apparently so. Is it right? What do you think?

Obamamania Reaches, um, Climax

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The unabashed marketing of all things Obama has reached the crass: Put we're sure it's a best-seller, the Obama dildo. The company's motto is "Now you can have stimulus, for real," no, just kidding, it's actually, "Vi-Vi-Vibration you can believe in," sorry, that's not true either, but I couldn't resist. Evidently neither can millions of people. Word is, this thing is a best-seller. So, would you let "O" give you an "O"?

Octo-mom Offered $1.5 Million to do ... Porn?

When sharks smell blood, they'll come.
And it looks like they've come for octuplet mom Nadya Suleman. Reports say that she has been offered $1.5 million to do porn.
Vivid Entertainment, the company behind Karrine "Superhead" Steffan's sex tape, and the Ray J-Kim K madness, have also offered a tantalizing cherry on top: A year of health insurance for Suleman and her 14 children.
Will she take it? She definitely needs the money, and it seems she has been out to raise funds even before her water broke. But will she do octo-porn? (Criiiinge.)
She may be a little too fertile for porn though. If you as much as breathe on this chick she may give you sextuplets!

Is Obama Doing Too Much?

President Barack Obama in 30 days has done more for and with America than his predecessor George Bush did in 8 years.
We've seen nary a photo of the Obamas chilling at Camp David or fly-fishing in pristine rivers as Bush did. We've heard he golfs, but have very little tangible evidence.
Obama has wasted little time rearranging the chairs on the deck which is the U.S. economy, ramming through a stimulus, reversing key antiterrorism initiatives, and they don't even have all the White House administration jobs in place.
Is a brotha doing too much? I mean, he's got 4 years, right?

What now for Taraji P. Henson?

The Oscar buzz was great and prideful fodder for Taraji P. Henson's camp. With the critical acclaim of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" Henson went from an obscure black actress to "it" girl faster than Brad Pitt can change diapers at the Brangelina compound. What's also obscure is the next career move for Henson. I've written about her before, but now the stakes are considerably higher. Her name has been synonomous with Oscar for months now. Will she pull a Halle Berry? Halle followed an emotional Oscar win with ... "Catwoman". To be sure, this is not Hensen's first foray with the Academy Awards. In 2006 she shared in Three 6 Mafia's Academy win for "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," from the movie "Hustle and Flow" (she played "Shug" in the movie.) Hensen's voice is the one that sings the chorus.

Beyonce calls for "Single Ladies" dance contest

Fearing sales for her album stagnate, Beyonce has started an online dance contest for "Single Ladies." The problem is, though, that the song is too old, and not getting the airplay it once was. I know she's "Fierce" and all, but can she pull this off?

Solange: Was it the Stuffy-head, Sleepy ... So You Ca Rest Medicine?

When Beyonce's rival little sister fainted recently at LAX it was no laughing matter. But the recently released pic from an observer reveals that it was no quick fainting spell. Homegirl was out!
While she said on Twitter that it was because she was sick with flu-like symptoms, some have speculated that because she's from H-Town, where there is a strong propensity to use flu medication to get high, specifically Codeine, that she was on it.
But I believe Solange, who said that she took Nyquil, which does not have Codiene in it. She was rushed to the hospital and treated for dehydration, where she awoke to the friendly and concerned face of ... Mama, Tina Knowles.

Come summertime, will Scarf Swag still be in effect?

Winter 2008-09 is officially "Swarf Swag" in full effect. Dudes haven't been coy about accenting an outfit with a long scarf wrapped about the torso.
Come summertime what will they do? Brothers are known to be trendsetters, so it'll be interesting when the weather warms up a bit if brothers will continue to rock scarves. Knowing some of us, we may even rock them without shirts. That's just how some of us roll. But the funny thing ... it'll probably catch on.

Are Single Moms and Single Dads Viewed the Same?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A controversial study trumpeted by an ob-gyn leads off with the following hot-button sentence:

Judging by their behavior, American women appear to think that fathers are optional. According to the recently published birth statistics (Births: Final Data for 2006), the proportion of births to unmarried women has reached 38.5%, the highest rate ever recorded.

"Judging by their behavior?" Her whole column just starts off all wrong. But the underlying question is, if we look down on men who abandon their kids, what about women who choose to not have a father in their kids' lives? Thoughts?

Friends With Benefits: An Accurate Term?

Friends With Benefits (Is there such a thing as Friends Without ...). We all know what it means. But just what exactly are the benefits?
a partial list of them would be:
(1.) The person is not calling you 24/7 wondering where you are.
(2.) You don't have to worry about meeting the person's parents. Ever.
(3.) You can hang out with who you please (perhaps another FWB?) without accountability.
(4.) Money aint a thang: Everything is dutch, or if not, done with no strings attached.
That's about all i can think of off the top of my head, but after a while we realize that the "benefits" is really one benefit. But it's a big one. Sex. Unbridled, haggle-free Sex. (See chart, which is not mine btw)
Is that true?

Who is Dambisa Moyo?

Monday, February 23, 2009

This chick with more than a passing resemblance to Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child and Venus Williams is in the New York Times talking major trash about American celebrities who stretch their faces on big screens to wail for Africa. She's from Zambia with degrees from Harvard and Oxford, And she may have a point. Check out her tirade here.

Skin Tone: Does it Matter?

Each side has there own nursery-ryhme-like sayings: "Light, bright, damn-near white" and on the other side, "the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice."
Both are catchy, and both describe perfectly the benefits of subscribing to a particular skin-tone philosophy. Truth be told, much of this nation's racial past has etched in our minds a skin-tone hierarchy that may or may not be justified today (but still exists).
Do you have a skin-tone preference when it comes to dating?
Of course, it is your right to have one, but may i ask, what has influenced that preference?

Kim Zolciak's FREE Web Site Shut Down due to nonpayment: WTF?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm sure there's a great blonde joke for this, but then again, with Kim Zolciak, the Lawrenceville RN turned "Real Atlanta Housewife," anything's possible. Her free Blogger site has been shut down by the developer due to nonpayment. What?
As a fellow Bloggee, i'm perplexed, check out Kim's site right here.

Stuff White People Like: Lily Allen

You might not know Lily Allen, who's exploits are akin to Amy Winehouse Lite: Drinking, eff you attitude, British bad-tail kind of stuff.
Until now, her biggest claim to fame was that she had a third nipple (now, i'm not one to rain on parades, that's quite something).
She's not particularly talented but her father is. In Britain. His name is Keith Allen. He's a basic unknown in the United States. Lily is too, except from the fact that she started a little Myspace web page and put some music on it about four years ago.
The music went bananas.
She pressed 500 limited edition 7" vinyl singles all rush-released. She also did two mixtapes, including tracks by such luminaries as Ludacris and Dizzee Rascal. Of course it wasn't long before the MSM (mainstream media) took notice and started to do cover stories, which took her from an ordinary to a somebody. She's now famous. To white people. She will, however, one day, cross over with a Dr. Dre-influenced hip-hop I'm sure.

A taboo chapter in Black history

Friday, February 20, 2009

The year was 1972, and interracial dating had yet to be widely accepted despite the few dots of black-and-white couples that dotted the landscape around the United States. But for the Mitchell brothers, not only would their new porn film usher in the hardcore age, it would literally smash the remaining barriers between the races.
In the film, Marilyn Chambers, a squeaky clean actress whose claim to fame was an Ivory Snow advertisement, had sex with a well-endowed African-American actor by the name of Johnny Keyes. The scene was so electric that the movie "Behind the Green Door" took the country by storm. Chambers, for her part, fainted at the end of one scene lasting over 45 minutes. The porno industry and American audience was shocked by the still-taboo spectacle of a white woman having sex with a black man.
Although they've made up now, it was reported that Chambers' own parents refused to speak to her for several years after the film's release.
The movie and the sex scene was a dubious first for Chambers, Keyes and the country. And Chambers became a big porn star. "Crucial" Keyes' career in adult movies took off as well, but he eventually faded into the background. Chambers? She wondered in and out of porn for the next 30 years, making a film as recently as 2005 at age 54. But she's turned political as well. She ran for president in 2004 on the Personal Choice Party ticket.

Police: Hair weave stopped bullet

A woman in Kansas City, Mo., is probably in church this morning bowed in prayer ... or at her hair salon crying and hugging after her hair weave stopped a jealous ex-boyfriend's bullet.
I didn't know weave could be woven so tight, but if so, then perhaps bullet-proof vests could be layered with the material (Nothing like that good "Indonesian" to stop a crazed madman).
Evidently, the ex-boo thought that since he couldn't have her, nobody should and took a shot at her head. What's more disturbing is that she was apparently set up! Read the account right here. We knew there were bullet-proof bras out there, but now is this now an incentive to wear tightly woven weave?

Will Rihanna Be Scarred For Life?

Few things are as sad and pitiful as a broken woman (or man, for that matter). Many women that have suffered some form of physical abuse by a man have never returned to their former selves. Many of them are timid, jumpy, scared - and scarred - even years later. The physical contact that happened between her and Chris Brown, which gained new fuel last night as pictures of her face were released, have upped the ante on domestic abuse counselors - and victims - to come out now or forever hold their peace.
Truth be told some people get accustomed to the violence, but they don't remain the same. Ever again. And in RiRi's case, she still wasn't the one who called police. A passerby, witnessing the blood fly, was actually the reason why this is now a public spectacle.
The marks will all heal physically, but will she be emotionally scarred?

Freckles: Beautiful or Unfortunate?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wikipedia says "Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin which are most often visible on people with a fair complexion. A freckle is also called an "ephelis." The freckle phenomenon spans races and complexions though. Despite it's rareness in the African race, freckles are indeed genetic and are passed down and are triggered by exposure to sunlight (UV-B radiation specifically). Contrary to popular belief, freckles aren't a skin disorder or skin condition, they're simply a variation due to melanin amounts in the skin.
How do you feel about freckles?

BET shows up pretty people in 'Harlem Heights'

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On March 2, BET will bring Grown and Sexy to the TV screen with the debut of their long-buzzed about reality show "Harlem Heights". With a recession going on, BET is banking on its audience's penchant for voyeurism when things are falling down around us. Will the show be a hit? Depends on how much we really want to see pretty people talk about sex, cheating and other old subjects. The show is basically about a loose clique of friends that are all urban professionals. The word is one of them (Brooke Crittendon) used to date Kanye West, so of course she's looking for some shine on her own.

Advertising and the Curly-haired Black Woman

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

oh, it's far more than a passing coincidence: Corporate America has picked the curly-haired black woman as the prototypical avatar to lure customers.

In what was once the staunch territory of white faces with long European hair, there's been a big push to get away from the traditional customer base and widen out. Now, in various marketing and promotional campaigns, you see here wiggly hair and big smile next to a corporate logo. Is this a recent phenomenon? Surely it is. Why, how else to describe the sudden rash of similarly-coifed chicks?

It's amazing really: Corporate America has obviously determined that they can draw the middle-aged cash-spending black man, white woman and white man by the curly-haired black chick. Are curls making a comeback? Did they ever leave?
Wikidepedia sheds some light on hair and says that, while genetics play a part in who has straight hair and who does'nt, humidity and climate play just as important a role.
"Hair is genetically programmed to be straight, curly, 'kinky' or wavy, and it can change over time.
"Curly and/or 'kinky' hair is shaped like an elongated oval and grows at a sharp angle to the scalp. This growth pattern, in turn, determines the cross-section of the shafts.
"Hair, whether it is curly or straight, is affected by the amount of humidity in the air. It serves as a restoring force for the hair, forcing water back into the hair fiber and forcing hair shaft to return to its original structure. This may be more noticeable in somebody with curly hair because it tends to get frizzy when the humidity rises."
Black women know a thing or two about frizziness. But they didn't know it was now big business.

"Halo" by Beyonce (Amor Kismet)

They Don't 'Dress' No Mo

Dudes stopped dressing years ago.
Used to be a time when we as much as went to the corner store, we put on a belt, combed our hair and tried to look upwardly casual. Now, the lazy look has taken over. What happened? Some would fault the hip-hop culture, but are there economic reasons as well? Brothers have slipped financially in the last 10 years, like never before. Money has gone to the sisters, as evidenced by the plethora of single women in the ATL with homes. But does that excuse a brother from dressing up sometimes, besides going to church?

The Curious Case of Mary Woodson

It's not every celebrity that has a name that is linked to hot food as infamous as "Al Green and the Hot Grits Episode."
We've all heard bits of the tale. But not from the horse's mouth.
It is a true story about love, infatuation, deceit and sadly, death. People vaguely know the story, about how this married woman fell for Al Green and then later, scorned, poured ,boiling hot grits on him. What still fewer people know is that after that episode she calmly raised a revolver to her skull and blew her brains out.

This is a first-person account from Al Green himself, which resonates even today with the celebrity worship we see everywhere around us, and the basic relationships we have with people we like or so-call love, only to find out that they don't love us. It's worth taking a minute to remember, "The Curious Case of Mary Woodson."
Al Green's words:
"It was at one of those prison concerts, for the inmates at the New York State Correctional Facility, that I first met Mary Woodson. She was the kind of woman that when you first saw her, you'd take a second look, and then a third look, and then, after a while, your eyes would just become accustomed to turning her way. Mary was a radiant and ravishing woman. Mary had a classy way of carrying herself: She was statuesque graceful and proud. She was at the prison visiting a friend but she never told me what her friend had did to land in prison. Mary had all kinds of secrets, more that I could have imagined at the time. I casually asked Mary where she was heading after the concert but I already knew the answer and it was "There's nowhere else you're going but home with me."

But Mary didn't fall under my spell quite so easily. She begged off my invitation to come back with me to the hotel. It was late, she had to get up early. So, I offered her a ride in my limo into the city. I wasn't pushing anything. She was pretty and I liked having pretty women around me." But Mary had other things on her mind, right from the beginning. She was a real woman, I loved the smell of her perfume, she was new and exciting.

After my tour, I returned home to Memphis, Mary was in town. The infatuation I had for her blinded me to all the warning signs. I didn't care where she had come from or the baggage she'd picked up along the way. When I asked her about her past, she lied and told me that she had never been married and of course she didn't have any kids. The truth was, Mary had left behind a whole family in New Jersey to come and be with me but I'd only find that out later, after it was way too late.

Soon, her husband had come down from New Jersey to bring her back. She refused but he wasn't going to let her go and made it clear that she belonged to him and their children. She was living out a fantasy on borrowed time.

One night, I was in the studio working on new material when the door opened and a good looking woman rushed in and gave me a hug. It took me a minute to recognize her, her name was Carlotta Williams, a flight attendant I'd met on my travels.

When Mary came to the studio later, I introduced the two women and suggested that we all go back to my house.

The women seemed to get along fine as we all piled in my Rolls Royce. Carlotta sat up front with me and Mary sat in the back.

I kept glancing at Mary through the rearview mirror, disturbed by the strange expression she had on her face. Once she caught me looking at her and fixed me with a cold, appraising stare that sat my nerves on edge.

I went to my room to change my clothes. When I went to the kitchen, Mary was standing at the stove, stirring a big pot of water with a wooden spoon. She turned around and asked me had I ever thought about getting married, I replied, "Maybe we should talk about that in the morning."

When I asked her what she was cooking, she didn't answer me. Then suddenly, she whispered in my ear, "I would never do anything to hurt you."

Carlotta was in another part of the house listening to music. I then decided to take a bath. After I got in the tub, I soon heard a noise, I looked up and Mary was standing with the steaming pot in both hands. In the next second, my world exploded into a thousand splatters of pure agony. Mary had added grits to the water, making a thick, boiling hot paste. With all her strength, she hurled it at me. The grits scorched my naked back. The pain was so intense that I started screaming.

Carlotta burst in. "Al!" she screamed. It was then that I saw the egg sized blisters rising on my burned flesh. Mary rushed out of the bathroom.

Carlotta called a ambulance and was tending to me as best she could-when suddenly, we heard a gunshot. Despite being in pain, I rushed to Mary, she lay on the floor dead, clutching a gun.

With you and my children as my muse
I will paint for you a lifetime
A portrait of devotion and friendship
A panorama of passion and admiration

All I ask is that you gaze upon it with an open heart
And you shall unquestionably love me again

- Daryl R. Swensson -

Beyonce's "Fierce" Goes Platinum ... How?

After an initial burst, Beyonce's latest album "I Am ... Sasha Fierce," has slowly reached the platinum status, months after its release. The album, which we said sounded like a Rihanna LP yielded two strong singles out the gate, "If I Was a Boy," and "Single Ladies [Put a Ring on it]".
Usher's 2008 album "Here I Stand" has been certified Platinum according to the RIAA as well, but they all trail Kanye West's quick platinum certification of "808s & Heartbreak" which came out last month.

Before Tyra, There Was Veronica

After Oprah, but before Tyra, there was the Webb.
Veronica Webb.
The supermodel, journalist, author and TV personality seemingly had it all going for her and was the "it" girl in the late 1990s. The World Wide Web was just getting its legs back then, the air was pregnant with possibilities and the tall, slender Webb was connected with both New York's and Hollywood's elite. At her height she had a segment on "Good Morning America," was a contributing writer to the New York Times magazine and discarded photographers that sought photoshoots of her in lingerie.
Then she was discarded.
Webb, the first African-American to have a major cosmetics contract (with Revlon, preceeding Halle Berry and Beyonce), saw her opportunities as a writer and journalist much more than as a TV host or spokeswoman. She gravitated to the small boutiques and independent scene. It took her away from the huge budgets of Hollywood but put her in alliance with the smaller more grass-roots movements of the day.

Today, except for a brief turn as co-host of "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" on Bravo (where she was unceremoniously let go), Webb is content doing smallish events to turn people's attention away from the bubble-gum-wars of pop culture. Things like
Lingerie Miami
Hey, brains and beauty last forever. Can't knock the hustle, till you know the hustle.

Prince Unveils New Protege'

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The purple one recently unveiled another female protege, the prototype of which fits somewhere between a Vanity, a Sheila E., an Appolonia Kotero, an Ingrid Chevez and a Mayte.
Prince thinks of Bria Valente as a Sade, according to a recent article.
“We got sick of waiting for Sade to make a new album,” Prince told the New York Times. “This music is nasty, but it’s not dirty,” he said, referring to the sexual lyrics. “There’s no profanity. It isn’t promoting promiscuity. She’s singing about her lover, who could be her partner for life.”

Bria Valente, or Brenda Fuentes as her mother called her, hails from Minneapolis and has done background for Usher and danced for Prince for a few years. She's hot, but can she sing? And does it matter?
Check her vocals out at Lotusflow3r, Prince's Web site.

M.I.A. gives birth "on a hundred, thousand, million"

Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A., who was recently profiled in the New York Times as being a terrorist sympathizer, has finally given birth.
This comes after the rapper refused to not perform her megahit "Swagger Like Us" at the Grammys even though it was her due date. The risked pregnancy gave fans a face with the name but immediately put her lyrics - which some say support the Tiger Tamil militia in Sri Lanka - in the spotlight.
One of the article's most stirring quotes: “Frankly, she’s very lucky to get away with supporting, even indirectly, perhaps the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world,” said Suresh Jayawickrama, a songwriter based in Colombo.
To put it bluntly, if the Grammys happened under the previous administration, M.I.A. would probably be branded a terrorist herself by none other than Dick Cheney. And she'd, be, forced to go, I dunno ... M.I.A?
Some say if "Swagger Like Us," catches on for the Oscars, M.I.A. will prolly be there to perform. Stitches and all.

Pigging Out on a First Date: Cool or No?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Not enough is written about the social interaction between man and woman at the dinner table. Especially is the light dim when one considers the eating habits on first-time dates. Can a person tell a lot about you from what you eat/how you eat on a date? I remember taking a woman out on a first date when I was a 19-year-old freshman in college. It was a nice restaurant. We both dressed casually nice. I ordered ice tea. She ordered water. (Hmm, she's thoughtful, I thought).
I ordered the buffet, something like $15 of all-you-can-eat seafood, catfish, fried and blackened, shrimp, popcorn and butterfly, crab legs,etc.
When it was her turn to order, I attentively looked down, hoping she'd seen something from the entree list that was reasonably priced.
After about a good 20 seconds, she ordered the buffett, too.
"WHAAAT?" I said to myself at the time.
I laugh about it now, but by me ordering the buffet I was hoping telekenetically that she would know not to order a buffet but get an entree (since I would be able to get whatever she wanted to try over and over again).
"Why did she do that?" I said to myself. "Greedy."
But was she? Should I have expected her (or myself) to be intuitive enough to feel comfortable with me fetching her crab legs from the buffet if she wanted? Mine you, she was comfortable enough with me paying the check.
But even if she was paying for her own meal, should she have held back at the plate, starve herself, for first impression's sake?
But, is it okay to pig out on a first date? What does it say?

Obama BeatBox (Hilarious)

I thought it was kinda funny. I'm not into profanity on this site but I couldn't resist hearing the president break it down on his audio book.

Octuplets' Mom Getting Death Threats

You knew it would come to this, now didn't cha: Octuplet mom Nancy Suleman is receiving death threats now that she's $50,000 in debt and has set up a web site to take your donations. People seem to be furious with her, and not just in the United States but around the world (As we know, some countries have one-child-only policies and the like.). Gotta give it to Suleman though she's trying to pimp all eight of them infants and "raise awareness" as best she could. She takes PayPal, by the way.
All of this comes on top of news that the doctor that performed the surgery for the octuplets has .another patient expecting quadruplets And now, she doesn't have insurance.

The return of "Honey Magazine"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

With the Internet's unabated assault on all things printed, it comes as no surprise that the return of one of the more spunky if short-lived ventures in the 1990s comes back only in online-form: Honey Magazine.
Honey's best reportage came with the Mehki Phifer-Melinda Williams confessions, but quickly petered out as more deep-pocketed magazines eroded its fan base. Now, it's back again with a virtual twist. Check it out here.
Me, personally, I'd prefer my Honey a little more organic. Gon' guh.

'Civil Rights Suits': Coming Back?

The term, "Civil Rights suit" was once just a quick one-liner that comedians threw out to mean someone had an old suit on. But the term quickly stuck with no abiquity: People old and young knew exactly what you meant when you said 'so-and-so rocked a civil rights suit.' Know we see the latest GQ with none other than NBA manchild LeBron James rockin' what? A civil rights suit. Are they coming back? Me thinks so.

Study: Kinky Sex is on the Rise

Handcuffs and chains used to be the paraphernalia of prisoners, you know, Gitmo. But now it's more like Titmo, as a new study says that Wildn' in the bedroom is on the rise.
Now, Tiger that i am, i don't profess to use "luggage," i.e. bags full of stuff, but it seems there's a growing market that indeed does.
Perhaps the sour economy is making more people uninhibited, perhaps there's alot of pent-up frustration at job losses and the economic stagnation. I'm not one to, you know ... kidnap nobody, guess i'm a prude, but you tie ,me up it's a fight. That's just me. i'm not the restraining type. But what about you? Would you let your lover tie you up?

Jeffrey Scott's "Modern Day Sagitarian"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kelly Rowland Denies Home is in Foreclosure

Former Destiny's (step)Child Kelly Rowland says media reports that her Miami crib is in foreclosure proceedings are far from real.
Rowland, who bought a home in London last year, is said to be cutting loose the property because she's simply not there. Unlike many celebrities, Rowland has publicly cut back on her expenses during the economic downtown, including cutting Matthew Knowles loose as her manager.
Rowland has been trying to sell the house for a minute now, and has slashed half-a-million dollars off the $1.9 million house.
If she is having "foclo" difficulties, she won't be the only one.

2 women critical after 'J-Lo' surgery goes wrong

Tampa police are searching for a woman that performed two unauthorized cosmetic surgeries on women who wanted "J-Lo" booties, media outlets say.
The two women remained in intensive care after suffering organ failure.

Andrea Lee, 30, injected with industrial silicone, is suffering kidney failure.

Her friend Zakiya Teagle, 33, is in a critical condition; her internal organs have stopped functioning.
Police are looking for Sharhonda Lindsay, 32, who has no medical license, who performed the booty shots at her home recently.
One question: WHY????
See article here.

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