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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The 'Baby Boy' Complex

In John Singleton's movie "Baby Boy," starring Tyrese Gibson, the life of a single black male is cast against an unforgiving world with dangers and obstacles outside his door. Inside his mama's house was the warm care and nurturing of a single mother who was at her wit's end with his grown-but-childish antics.
Singleton used the film to underline several themes that he apparently saw in black Americana: The young black male failed to see the importance of becoming a man.
That not having a father at home was no excuse to shirk responsibility.
That alpha males that entered their domain were seen as threats.
Was it all true? Was it ever? Is it still true?
Is there a 'Baby Boy' complex among black males?

Baby Mop: Let Your Kid Earn His Keep?

They say technology and innovation in its highest form saves us from doing work: Well this is the Microsoft of innovation because I know aloooot of people that wish they didn't have to clean.
Now, thanks to some crazy people (maybe from Japan?), you can have you friggin'baby do it!
Yep, the Baby Mop, kid cleaner lets the crumb snatcher do all the work while you. just. chillin'.

It's engenius if you're lazy than a mug.
Your tot just capsized that cup of water?
You put 'em on the floor and let 'em git r done!
Spilled some red wine? "Come'ere, Poopkums, (you outstretch your arms), right this way, right this way, no, no, this way."
Now is this the best thing since sliced bread or living proof hell is only a short trolley stop away? Which is it?
Will you be getting the Kid Cleaner?

Kim Kardashian: I've Already Bought the Ring

Somehow celebrity Kim Kardashian says she's already bought the engagement ring for when football star Reggie Bush pops the question.
"He definitely knows all of us went ring shopping," she said recently on Sirius Radio.
Kim has no qualms about taking the initiative and going out and buying an item that secures her love forever.
"I definitely scared him and told him it was probably way more expensive than it is, just so that when he goes he feels like he's getting a good deal," she said. "He knows what it looks like. I think I-ve e-mailed him enough pictures."
Is this kosher, ladies?
Should you buy a ring for your gent without so much as a conversation? And even if there was conversation, would you be secure a enough to drop several thousand?

Introducing ... the Knuckle Comb

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ever felt like you needed some protection and all you had was an empty can of Mace on a keychain?
Now, you can literally knock a mofo out and comb your hair at the same time.
The Knuckle Comb, designed by the Kosmos Project, combines elegance with an iron grip for the anticipating woman.
Somebody talking reckless in the movie theater? BOP!
Problem solved.
Hair stylist cut too much off "this time"? BOP!
Problem solved.
So, when are you ordering your Knuckle Comb?

Kenyan Women Enact Sex Ban

Women in Kenya, sick of all the political infighting in the country, are going ahead with a 7-day sex ban, according to the BBC.
Several activist groups are participating and they are even urging prostitutes to join in. "Even commercial sex workers should join in the campaign which is so vital to the country," said Patricia Nyaundi, executive director of the Federation of Women Lawyers.
Not only that, but they want the two political leaders' wives to join them as well. "Great decisions are made during pillow talk, so we are asking the two ladies at that intimate moment to ask their husbands: 'Darling can you do something for Kenya?'"

Wow, I love the line in there where it says the women are likely to face some stiff resistance.
Wonder if a sex ban could ever work in the USA (actually quite a few are already being enforced, um, I heard).

Swine Flu: Is This Time to Panic?

Monday, April 27, 2009

With words like "epidemic" and "pandemic" being thrown around, is it time to get under the bed and pray? No, well, yeah, prayer "changes things", but it's no time to panic.
This swine flu stuff sounds serious. If you've ever had the flu - chills, congested head, chest and nasal passages, fatigue, dizziness - you know what the drill is. What is puzzling health officials is that the illness is striking those 20 - 40 years of age in Mexico, while in the U.S. the average age is 16.
What's a person to do?
Sanjay Gupta said the elbow-bump is official in effect instead of the handshake. The cheek kiss? Better know 'em real well.
In a hot, sweaty club listening to T.I. blaring to music while wet strangers bump into you? out.
P.S. For a good read, one blogger, in Mexico, tells his story

Inside the Diddy empire: After Danity Kane, What's Next?

The man known alternately around the world as Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs and P. Diddy has brushed off another failed venture, putting the reality show-inspired Danity Kane to sleep after only a few years behind the wheel (Is Cassie next?).
Diddy, who's offed the careers of the Lox, Loon, Black Rob, Carl Thomas, Cherri Dennis, etc., is off to another project.
This time it's "Last Train to Paris," which is hopefully to Diddy what "Purple Rain" was to Prince.
In the latest career massacre at Bad Boy, gDawn Richard is the last one standing of the group, comtemplating a solo deal with the music impresario that will expand on the electro sound of the day.
But how's the clothing line doing? Diddy's "Sean John" signature seems to have crested with the advent of the sagging pants craze of the last few years.
He's expanded the lineup, though by enlisting as many models and stars as he can.
(Despite the handicapped economy Ciara joined the list of music stars with clothing lines.) Will Diddy, the broadway actor, fragrance maker, vodka advocate, clothier, music mogul, reality TV star, slow it down?

BET Plans Channel for Grown Folks. Finally

Friday, April 24, 2009

Black entertainment channel BET, known for booty-shaking videos and chitlin circuit comedy, says it is finally going to cater to the long-neglected black middle class that it has claimed to worship but never reflected.
According to a report in the NY Times, Centric will make an October debut.
The report says Viacom is aiming at the 25- to 54-year-olds with Centric. The type of viewers they want? "A perfect example would be” Barack and Michelle Obama, said Scott Mills, the president of BET.
Yeah right, BET. TV1 must be pwning that booty.
I wish them well, but don't think they can appeal to their higher selves long enough to make a real dent in African American viewership.

Stalker to Tyler Perry: 'Murder' is the Case

This scary message has filmmaker Tyler Perry knowing exactly what the diary of a mad - insane - black woman feels like:
“You need to check your heart condition because it is filled with murder… your love has been but costly and deadly… Murder I say is the verdict… Why do you insist on assisting the devil?”
According to reports, a woman by the name of Dawne Wilson was arrested for aggravated stalking of last week after talking str8t wreckless.
Maybe Perry should dress up in that studio makeup more often, so that he can slide out of his personal House of PaynePain.

Ciara May Launch Clothing Line

If you've ever wanted to dress like a superhero, CiCi may have something for the UnderRoos-lover in you (remember those?). Reports say that Ciara is interested in coming out with a clothing line.
"It would be a fun sexy line, like cute character underwear that kids wear," she is quoted as saying. "It'd be for laughs - I'd call it Fly Girl."
Don't know if Fly Girl will fly, but anything may beat those robotron drawers.

Earth, Wind & Fire: Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Ciara to Tour

Thursday, April 23, 2009

In a triple threat few industry insiders saw coming, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole and Ciara are plotting a North American tour together. You can call it Earth (Rihanna), Wind (Keyshia Coles) and Fire (Ciara) or better yet, RiRi, KeyKey and CiCi. RiRi reportedly wants "strong women" to join her on tour. Few women singers are as strong as Keyshia Cole who's had to endure a mother addicted to crack and who left her to be raised by foster parents. Ciara, well, she needs all the help she can get with her new album. And RiRi? She just needs to get back to the music. The festivities should start around September.

The End of 'Fresh'

It's impossible to kill personal style.
As Prince once famously said in an obscure lyric, "I'm unique in the respect that I'm not you."
But with the recession bearing down on us common folks, can we afford to get "
Fresh," like we used to do?
Is the shopping spree an endangered event?
People have said that Americans will need to humble down in order to make it out of this economic downturn, but is it possible?
We let the clothes, the newness of new material things define us for so long that it's strange to now fall back and be "ourselves," whatever that is.
Can we still be "Fresh," with gear that was purchased years ago? Put another way, are you going shopping this year?

Kirby singing "Halo" (Beyonce)

Bikini Around the House

My good friend says she's got a neighbor that, now since it's gotten hot outside, comes outside to do mundane things in a two-piece bikini. She's evidently not working, or works part-time because she's seemingly always home during the hot day. She'll routinely come outside to water the lawn, get the mail and do other small things outside in her two-piece.
The attention she's gotten from the neighbors has been everything from reservedly polite to gasps and gawking, but she's resilient. Bikini-trotting: Is it a good thing, or bad?

White House staffer Gets Coverage Again. Hater in the House?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More normalized relations with Cuba is Deputy White House Chief of Staff Mona Sutphen's baby.
She had hinted to the media that she was consumed with the issue of striking down the embargo with the Communist nation for months now, so it was no surprise when the deal was struck last week. And lately, Sutphen has been inking up alot of press from things about her policy to her fetish for Vera Wang, but that's all well and good in historic times, right? Maybe it's the Ivy League education, or the Clinton Whie House experience. Maybe because she looks sort of like Halle Berry? I dunno. However, some people say the media's coverage of Mona Stuphen is too much. Hmmm. Ulterior motives at work?

CiCi's "Fantasy Ride" Finally Arrives

Monday, April 20, 2009

A-town music star Ciara is pulling out all the stops on the eve of her long-awaited third album release. "Fantasy Ride," which debuts Tuesday, has been pushed back at least 6 months. In the meanwhile, the music landscape has been dominated by Rihanna's off-music exploits and the T-Pain voice thingy has staled a little (despite Jamie Foxx's anthemic "Blame It" single).
Can CiCi do it again? Her first album, which featured the smash "Goodies," sold 7 million copies. Her followup LP was lukewarm so this one is where a record company decides if you're worth it or not. (Record execs, after much conversation, decided to keep a duet with CiCi and Chris Brown on the album because, frankly, they thought it would at least be good for publicity. Will it work?)
CiCi is scheduled to perform on "Saturday Night Live," and do a few skits, so that should be fun.
Can she make a comeback?

'Energy" by Keri Hilson (by Phatfffat)

Beyonce's Touring ... Can Solange Come? YES!

When megastar Beyonce announced her 2009 tour Monday morning, people wondered if Solange was on the bill as well. Turns out she is.
And that's good, I mean, it woulda beem kinda strange ... and unKnowles-like for Big Sis not to give Lil Sis a hand. (See Nightmare on Hadley St.)
Bey's tour starts at New York's Madison Square Garden in June and ends in Vegas on July 30-August 2.

Robo-Hot: The 'Immaculate Arm'

Design student Hans Alexander Huseklepp has come up with something right out of the "Terminator" movies, a prosthetic arm that's chic, lightweight and awesome-looking.
Hans says of the fashion-meets-disability concept: ""Immaculate is a neurological prosthetic, connected to the users central nervous system... Each joint is a globe joint, allowing a larger freedom of movement than a normal human arm."
Question: Would you rock one?

Is Rihanna Getting Played?

Although Rihanna is a grown woman, with bills to pay like the rest of us, news that she's inked a deal to perform overseas has some wondering if she's rushing back too fast from her CeeBee ordeal.
She's set to perform in Dubai in May and has already presented the organisers with a 38-page demand list, but are her handlers pushing her back or is this something she wants to do?
Manager-types are notorious for rushing celebrities back in the limelight before they are ready (witness Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse as exhibits A and B). They want to protect their investments - at all costs.
Is RiRi ready?

Destiny's A Beach: It's Ya Girl Kell

Kelly Rowland took some time out recently to snap a few pics of herself on Miami's South Beach.

Is Humiliation Sexy?

Something strange is happening with popular culture.
More and more images and references to mildly degrading behavior is gaining traction in our society.
Instead of the innocent displays of love that we once used to look forward to in human relationships, more and more people are becoming preoccupied with "dogging" it.
Are we all becoming deviants?

Study: Alcohol Makes Women Less Attractive. To Men

That last part is key. "To men." Because we all know that when you get a little juice women may find you attractive. But according to the study, which was conducted by scientists that asked men and women in bars and cafes to look at photos, getting sloshed makes no difference to men. (The study doesn't address women drinkers though).
Half those drinkers in the study had to categorize their state as "relaxed and benign", "blunted and disinhibited", "boisterous and over-expressive", or "unambiguously drunk".
The study also said that makeup had little effect on the wasted men.
Well, in my opinion, drunk people make all kinds of mistakes, this included. I know plenty of women where drinking makes them more (gurgle) attractive!

The Inspirational Susannah Melvoin

Friday, April 17, 2009

Few people know that they have Susannah Melvoin to thank for some of the greatest music in the United States in the past 20 years.
Such classics as, "Adore," "The Beautiful Ones," "Nothing Compares 2 U", "If I Was Your Girlfriend", and "Forever in My Life," all composed by Prince.
Did Melvoin have a hand in producing these hits?
Nope. She was Prince's girlfriend.
And he wrote all of the aforementioned jams about her.
Talk about inspiration.
Prince had a serious jones for Melvoin, whom he met when her harder-looking twin sister Wendy joined the band. Wendy was 19 years old in the early 1980s when she was installed in the band as a charmer and disarmer of the older Prince.
Her twin sister, who was much more musically inclined, immediately caught Prince's eye.

When Prince and crew flew to Nice, France to shoot "Under the Cherry Moon,"
Melvoin was sporting a huge rock-ring, evidence that Prince had proposed. But once they landed and went to the luxurious hotel, Prince ordered one of his henchmen to fly her all the way back to Minneapolis. He cheated on her numerous times, and they broke up. But the Melvoin-inspired music is here to stay.

Magazines Are Folding: Who's Next?

Much attention has been paid to the demise of newspapers in this recession, but what hasn't gotten much attention is the slow death of magazines.
First it was Maxim.
Last month the hip Blender Magazine bit the dust as print advertising slowed to a crawl.
Then two weeks later King Magazine, which let Melyssa Ford wax nostaglic about itself, swallowed pills as well.
It can't be long until other hip-hop magazines like The Source, etc. And if they haven't established an online audience by now, tsk, tsk.
Since last decade, hip-hop magazines have introduced audiences to countless new talent, but that will cease as print magazines dry up, and with it a cottage industry of those that advertise there.
It all doesn't bode well for the few remaining black flagship publications, namely, Jet and Ebony.
But what will be interesting is if Jet and Ebony unleash their numbers and let the public know how they are doing.
What if ... (cringe, shudder) Jet and Ebony gave up the ghost?
Let's be honest, when was the last time you went to Jet and Ebony's web site (do they have one?).
Who would carry the mantle if the worst happened? (cringe, shudder)

How to Control the Kitty Cat

Don't you wish you had one of these for:
(a) significant other
(b) your dog
(c) your mother-in-law
(d) your boss

The DressN3: Would You Rock it?

The European clothiers have kicked American butt again, this time in the form of the DressN3, a dress you can wear a 3rd of and still, be, you know, wearin' it.
Would you rock it?


Positivity: The Strongest Aphrodisiac

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Want to fall in love, be in love and be loved?
Try some positivity.
It's no secret that women with a positive and optimistic view of life live longer.
But I'd go one further: People who are positive in words, deed and even facial expression have more fulfilled lives and people are drawn to them. They in fact are attractive.
That, in a nutshell, explains the popularity and magnetic attraction of people like Oprah, Tyra Banks, and even Jill Scott (always smilin'): Positivity.
But can it pull a man?
Not only yes, but it can keep a man.

Handicapping the Split Pose

Many a celebrity rapper or model has done the famous "frog" squat. But who's the best?
Notice the athleticism of Lil Kim's squat. Her ankles are nearly flush against her backside, indicating a flexibility lacking in the other girls. B
Amber Rose: She looks the most uncomfortable in this pose, indicated by her reliance on the bars. D-
Nicki Minaj: Nicki's comfortable but her pose is compounded by the huge lollipop she's holding, indicating a greater degree of difficulty in her approach since her hands are not resting on her legs. A+

Halle Berry: 'I'm Done" With Marriage

Supermom Halle Berry, who was married to baseball star David Justice and singer Eric Benet, says she's had it with matrimony. The two-time mom has given birth twice now with model Gabriel Aubrey and says he feels the same way.
"I'm done," she says. "I happened to find a person who feels done too, and he's never even been married before. So it works,” she quoted as saying in Harper's Bazaar magazine.
One thing I do know is that people change, and relationships, over time, do too. We'll see in a few.

OctoMom Trademarking 'OctoMom'

Nadya Suleman soooo wants to be on your TV screens. So much so that she is said to be working to trademark "OctoMom," which is not a name she even came up with.
The move is all a part of bringing her life with 8 babies to the small screen in a reality show.
People like TV shows. People look at TV shows.
But people don't like it if they think you had babies just to be in a TV show.
But I plead the fifth. But in this case, the eighth.
As in, eighth baby, which is the one they say they didn't know was coming.
So who knows.

The New, Improved Jennifer Hudson 2.0

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"God pulled her through."
That was the simple statement her assistant said that explained the whirlwind ordeal that Jennifer Hudson had gone through in 2008. The American worker had a rough autumn last year; J-Hud had a heartwrenching, tragic, devastating autumn.
But now she has announced plans for a 27-city tour with Robin Thicke, the first time since the tragedy that she will be put the kind of strain on her body and mental state that tests one's mettle.
People close to her said she's built for this; she's a better person; she's stronger.
She'll need to be.
J-Hud herself explained in a recent interview her reasons for jumping back into the limelight as such: ''I have been active for the past four or five years, and to be working like that and then to just stop and all you hear is the clock ticking...'' She shook her head. ''That will drive you crazy.''

"Cheaters Never Win"

If you've got to get all McGyver (climbing in and out of folks windows or creeping while they sleeping) just to have a lil fun, then, hey, it's better to just chill on the sideline. They say "Cheaters Never Win." Bad things happen. I don't know who made that up, but apparently it's a very popular saying. But is it true? Do you know anybody that has cheated and in fact one?
Not me.
They all lose. Something.

The Big Shave-Off: Would You?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

when mediocre Bad Boy recording artist Cassie half-shaved her hair off last week it signaled the emergence of a new radical style among women.
Just kidding, chick is str8t looney.
Or is she?

Great job, Pushing 40, No Kids ... What's Wrong?

There is a great myth among American society that if a woman is full-grown, has a promising career and doesn't have at least one crumb-snatcher walking around then something is wrong.
The Bible even speaks shamefully of "the barren woman" who mourns her childless lot in life.
But do you agree? Is there anything wrong with being of age, no kids (and possibly no man?)
Many women, it is said, are in fact choosing this route as a means to broaden their horizons and not be tied down in their relative good health. Many just don't want children yet, or at all.
And many are being made to felt less than a woman for doing so.
How do you feel about it?

"Ms. Keri, Ba-Bay (Ms. Keri Ba-Bay)" a household name now

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Beyonce-dissin' Decatur-raised "Ms. Keri Babay" Hilson has become a household name over the past year with the success of her Weezy F. Baby-kissed "Turning Me On" single and "In a Perfect World," album, which debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart.
While Hilson was primarily known as a songwriter in The Clutch, she ironically didn't write any of the 13 songs on her album.
Nathan. Nada. Zelch.
As a member of the 5-person Clutch songwriting click, Hilson fell back to give other members of the ensemble - Candice Clotiel "Gg" Nelson, Ezekiel L "(E)Zeke" Lewis, Patrick Michael "J. Que" Smith, Balewa Muhammad - some shine. YOu've heard their prowess on Hilson's "Return the Favor", Bayje's "Jealous Of Your Whip", Keke Palmer's "Game Song", Bobby Valentino's "Let's Go" and Jennifer Lopez' "Wrong When You're Gone".
Who will be the next member of The Clutch to shine? Will it be Zeke Lewis?

The Marijuana Debate: Legalize or Fantasize?

With the advent of the first African American U.S. president, alot of ideas and causes that were shelved away have taken up steam once again.
None has been bigger than the marijuana debate: Legalize it or not?
The opponents say it will just further degrade a counterculture society that is already teetering on self-destruction.
The proponents say that it's high time we've had freedom to roll a phat one, recline and just get zooted. One of my favorite proponents are a trio over at Marijuana Radio. MR consist of the musings of three people, Paul, a free-loving mercenary-type, McKenna, a black chick with political leanings, and Dank, who is what "Horse" was to "Gunsmoke." Their podcasts are hilarious but they sprinkle in food for thought (or, actually, smoke).
Me? I don't get down with smoking of any kind. But what do you think? Legalize or fantasize?

Ambercrombie and Fitch = White BET

Sunday, April 12, 2009

In a move that is puzzling to the American retail industry, clothier Ambercrombie and Fitch has not joined in the chorus of businesses trying to cut the U.S. consumer some slack.
Actually, decent slacks in A&F will run you upwards of $60.
Trust me, I know.

Not only do they continue to stay in high-priced luxe mode despite an out-of-touchness with U.S. consumers, they continue to push controversial ad campaigns that are oversexualized and fleshy.
What BET has done to the image of the black woman is what A&F has done to the image of the white teenage male abdomen: Objectify them.
All they need are videos and "Hell Date".

Cassie's New Hair Style: Will it Catch On?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sources say her barber had a panic attack in mid-cut (jes kiddin').

"Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson (Alexis Jordan)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"I Got Indian In My Family" - Not Likely

African American studies scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. did an expansive study a few years ago (broadcast repeatedly on PBS) about black Americans' roots in Africa. It included footage from a number of black luminaries including Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Tina Turner, Don Cheadle, Chris Rock, etc., and followed their genes to remote African villages, places where there ancestors came from. It was astonishing, but what was more astonishing was the fact that Gates' studies (In PBS' four-hour mini-series "African American Lives 2") totally refuted the oft-repeated claim that many of us have Indian in our family. According to Gates, most of us don't. The overwhelming majority, according to him.
Almost to a man, the people who had there DNA tested said the same basic thing: They all had faint visions of their great-grandmother "with straight white hair," and prominent Indian features.
I too share those faint visions.
One of the reviewers of Gates' DVD says: Can you imagine having been certain all your life that you were African-American and part Indian only to find out that you are actually more white than you are either of the other two strains of humanity?
Whoa. Heady stuff.
Turns out alot of African-Americans have European ancestry woven into them, and no wonder, having been intertwined with them for the past 400 years. The Indian thing probably adds some mystique to the racial palette, I assume. And it's all good, but Gates' research doesn't necessarily back it all up.

Everybody Hates Chris

Can 8.4 million black women be wrong?
Chris Brown has been turned into a virtual pinata, thanks to the disturbing TMZ-aquired picture of a swollen and bruised Rihanna facial shot after the two squabbled on Grammy eve.
The recent outrage is over why Chris Brown pled "not guilty" when he should have admitted the act, confessed and started his comeback. However, it's more than likely that Brown pled "not guilty" to buy more time to work out a plea bargain.
This is a performer who's income is easily in the 10s of millions. His lawyers would want to protect his right to make a living, including international travel, etc.
Many women - and men - if given the chance would love an opportunity to go one on one with the boy, after recent events.
But should everybody hate Chris?
The consensus, is, yeah, until he shows evident remorse.

Rise of the Cherd (Chick Nerd)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The latest, but certainly not newest, archtype in popular culture is the Cherd.
After being bombarded by the Jezebel-type (thanks, BET), TV and movies are putting the Cherd (thanks, Tina Fey) to the forefront these days, and actually making her sexy.
There's even web sites devoted to the Cherd.
We all know them, from popular TV shows, ("Ugly Betty") to cartoons (Velma from "Scooby Doo").
According to Wikipedia, you are a chick nerd if you meet the following criteria:

- Often wears eyeglasses, which typically have large lenses and thick frames - in comics, particularly, this is an easy shorthand way of indicating that a character is a Nerd Girl.
- Dress unfashionably, not as a statement but because she doesn't care about fashion. Typically her clothes will be loose and comfortable (but see Subtypes below); they may be somewhat "young" for her. This should not be confused with dressing in alternative or eclectic fashions such as indie, goth, or bohemian, although in recent years, some nerd girls (especially self-styled), have begun doing so in an attempt to generate a more interesting outward image.
- Wear her hair in unconventional styles (such as a ponytail or pigtails)
is highly intelligent and competent.
- Has expertise or knowledge in a specialised area, and/or a wide general knowledge
- Is fascinated by some area of knowledge, usually cultural, liberal arts and humanities or the science and tech-related fields.
- Is not popular by choice (introverted, independent or doubts human nature/culture)
- Is shy and may be somewhat socially inept in groups
uninterested in and unskilled at sports or at practical matters(distinguishing her from the tomboy).

I personally like Cherds.
But what about you, are you a cherd? Are cherds cool?

The Mysterious Case of Gloria Martinez

Few real-life stories are as riveting and mysterious as the strange case of Gloria Martinez.
I recently saw a rerun based on her story on "Grey's Anatomy" and had to share.
See, Martinez, of Riverside, California, became known as the "the toxic lady."
Exposure to her body and blood sickened several hospital workers.
From Wikipedia: About 8:15 in the evening on February 19, 1994, Gloria Ramirez was brought into the emergency room by paramedics, suffering from the effects of advanced cervical cancer. She was extremely confused, and suffering from bradycardia and Cheyne-Stokes respiration.
The medical staff injected her with Valium, Versed, and Ativan to sedate her, and agents such as lidocaine to stimulate her heartbeat. When it became clear that Ramirez was responding poorly to treatment, the staff tried to defibrillate her heart with electricity; at that point several people saw an oily sheen covering Ramirez’s body, and some noticed a fruity, garlicky odor that they thought was coming from her mouth. A registered nurse named Susan Kane attempted to draw blood from Ramirez's arm, and noticed an ammonia like smell coming from the tube.
She passed the syringe to Julie Gorchynski, a medical resident who noticed manila-colored particles floating in the blood. At this point, Susan Kane fainted and was removed from the room. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Gorchynski began to feel nauseated. Complaining that she was light-headed, she left the trauma room and sat at a nurse’s desk. A staff member asked Gorchynski if she was okay, but before she could respond she also fainted. Maureen Welch, a respiratory therapist who was assisting in the trauma room was the third to pass out. The staff was then ordered to evacuate all emergency room patients to the parking lot outside the hospital. A skeleton crew stayed behind to stabilize Ramirez. At 8:50, after forty five minutes of CPR and defibrillation, Gloria Ramirez was pronounced dead from kidney failure related to her cancer.
Authorities said the actual cause of people's sickness was due to mass hysteria, not anything with Ramirez' body.
A magazine article combed over her case a few years after her death and concluded something totally different.
Hmmm, very interesting.

BET Shows This Movie A Bit Too Much For Me

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Okay, BET, we see it. We've watched it. You've played this movie, like, 13 times in the past year, we got it now. We love Ving Rhames, but we're not in love with Ving Rhames. Not looking like a greasy hot-ashed mess. Is there a director of programming we can speak to? Donnie Simpson? Somebody?

The End of the Pap Smear

Scientists, according to an article in the NYT, say the pap smear is getting pwned by a new DNA test so thoroughly that its days may be numbered.
Pap smears, which have been routine since, have long been despised as invasive and creepy by women everywhere.
The Papanicolaou test screens for cancerous growths and is generally recommended that females who have had sex seek regular.
The study is “another nail in the coffin” for Pap smears, Dr. Paul D. Blumenthal is quoted in the article as saying.

South Korean actress kills self, claimed to be 'sex slave'

Monday, April 6, 2009

South Korean actress Jang Ja-yeon, in a damning suicide letter, indicted the South Korean entertainment industry for making her perform sex acts to get ahead.
The issue has brought "sex contracts" to the forefront in South Korea, where top talent is expected to abide by agreements backed by favors.
Jang was the star of South Korea's No.1 soap opera and her death has just been the latest of celebrity suicides in the country.
It seems the USA music business isn't the only industry that robs its artists. But the bigger issue here is the sexual abuse alleged by Jang.
According to South Korean reports, Jang's agent, Kim Sung-hoon, who is now in Japan after being accused of molesting a male model, took the brunt of the criticism in the 7-page letter.
Jang reportedly claimed her agent beat her regularly and forced her to have sex with a film VIPs, directors, media executives and CEOs. The letter also claims she was forced to be an "escort" at golf matches.
Police, who have frozen the agent's account, raided his office and discovered a "secret room".
Question: How many people in the American entertainment business are sex slaves?
Check this link and also this one for the Korean storm brewing over there.

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