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Everybody Hates Chris

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can 8.4 million black women be wrong?
Chris Brown has been turned into a virtual pinata, thanks to the disturbing TMZ-aquired picture of a swollen and bruised Rihanna facial shot after the two squabbled on Grammy eve.
The recent outrage is over why Chris Brown pled "not guilty" when he should have admitted the act, confessed and started his comeback. However, it's more than likely that Brown pled "not guilty" to buy more time to work out a plea bargain.
This is a performer who's income is easily in the 10s of millions. His lawyers would want to protect his right to make a living, including international travel, etc.
Many women - and men - if given the chance would love an opportunity to go one on one with the boy, after recent events.
But should everybody hate Chris?
The consensus, is, yeah, until he shows evident remorse.



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