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Inside the Diddy empire: After Danity Kane, What's Next?

Monday, April 27, 2009

The man known alternately around the world as Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs and P. Diddy has brushed off another failed venture, putting the reality show-inspired Danity Kane to sleep after only a few years behind the wheel (Is Cassie next?).
Diddy, who's offed the careers of the Lox, Loon, Black Rob, Carl Thomas, Cherri Dennis, etc., is off to another project.
This time it's "Last Train to Paris," which is hopefully to Diddy what "Purple Rain" was to Prince.
In the latest career massacre at Bad Boy, gDawn Richard is the last one standing of the group, comtemplating a solo deal with the music impresario that will expand on the electro sound of the day.
But how's the clothing line doing? Diddy's "Sean John" signature seems to have crested with the advent of the sagging pants craze of the last few years.
He's expanded the lineup, though by enlisting as many models and stars as he can.
(Despite the handicapped economy Ciara joined the list of music stars with clothing lines.) Will Diddy, the broadway actor, fragrance maker, vodka advocate, clothier, music mogul, reality TV star, slow it down?



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