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Lebron's Mom Did it. Yeah


Nicki Minaj nominated for fiddyleven BET Awards

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Your favorite rapper without an album, Nicki Minaj has been nominated fiddyleven times for a BET Award recently. Minaj, who's done everything for BET, including hosted a fashion show, ramped up ratings for "106 & Park" and more, is finally getting the love in return.
In addition to three nominations with her rap supergroup Young Money, Minaj is up for Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist.
Also just when you thought things couldn't get any hotter for Nicki Minaj, there's rumors about a sex tape scandal. Whether it's rumor or not, Minaj has chosen not to confirm or deny the allegations which surfaced on a number of gossip sites.
The sex tape, if it exists, is said to be on sale for $100,000.
We doubt it.
Anyway, Minaj, whose debut album is yet to surface, is busy making hits, guesting on a slew of radio singles in play.


NFL player: We 'import' women from FB, Myspace

NFL player Dwayne Bowe has given the game away for NFL players everywhere. He recently told ESPN Magazine that players jump from hotel to hotel room. What's in the rooms? Women. Lots of them.
Bowe said having a groupie seek you out is played out. Now, the players coordinate through Facebook, Myspace and Twitter and arrange for the women to already be in the room.
"My rookie year, we were playing in San Diego," Bowe says. "You hear stories about groupies hanging out in hotel lobbies, but some of my teammates had it set up so there was a girl in every room. The older guys get on MySpace and Facebook a week before we go to a city; when a pretty one writes back, they arrange to fly her in three or four days in advance. They call it importing."
Former coach Herm Edwards, who coached Kansas City three years ago, basically said Bowe is going to get jumped on.
"That's on Dwayne," Herm said. "I've always said that generally what happens in the locker room or on the field or around the players, it stays there."
Not no more.


Lebron's Mom, Delonte West? 'Absolutely'

A former NBA player has went on record about the rumor to end all rumors, saying Lebron's mother "absolutely" slept with his Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Delonte West.
So says NBA legend Calvin Murphy, who shared the tidbit on ESPN Radio.
"Unfortunately, my sources in the NBA tell me that it's absolutely true. My sources, and they're legit, tell me that the only people that didn't know it was happening was LeBron and me."
If the rumor is true then the King is most certainly headed out of Cleveland, far, far away from his mother, West and anything that reminds him of Cleveland. (Finally, this would explain Lebron's cavalier performance in two games against Boston).
West, who was a decent shooting guard in recent years, has seen his playing time diminish as veteran point guard Mo Williams has caught on. West, who made headlines last offseason for a weapons charge blamed on his bipolar disorder, is still with the team as of now, but don't expect that to last long.
Meanwhile, he better hope Lebron doesn't want any getback. Things could get serious.
Check the audio here.

Ciara's 'Ride' video: Banned by BET?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ATL's princess of Crunk, Ciara, has released a video so hot, apparently that BET has even banned it.
How explicit does your video have to be for BET -- BET! -- to say it's too much???
Ciara is doing a bevy of suggestive dances in the video, and grinds constantly, but, BET -- the purveyor of skin videos banning this?
I don't know. Bey and Riri both have gotten away with some stuff. Although the song is clearly sexual, they haven't touched Trey Songz' video, and you know that's in the same lane.
What do you think? Watch the video here.

Toni Braxton's career gets 'Pulse' back

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toni Braxton is back with a new album, "Pulse" which debuted in the top 10 last week in album sales.
She's been through a lot lately, with a divorce, an autism diagnosis for her son, and a scandalous stage kiss with Mr. "I Invented Sex."
Braxton said the divorce from Keri Lewis, her husband of 8 years, sent her into the doldrums.
"I turned to Bridget Jones and Rocky Road ice cream when my marriage ended. I'd watch the film, cry and sing All By Myself and eat a massive tub every day for two months. I gained 12 pounds,' she told the Daily Express.
In a recent interview Braxton said her stint as a Vegas performer gave her an opportunity to hang out with two music icons.
‘Vegas was wonderful – my run was supposed to extend to two years. Prince was across the street at the Rio, we’d hang out with Céline Dion and send flowers to each other,’ she told Metro. ‘But then I found out that my youngest son had autism and I had a little health scare and thought I’d never be able to record again. It was pretty bad because I had chronic fatigue and the doctors said: “Yada yada yada… you need a heart transplant."
Braxton said it was a false alarm.
‘Then they came back a few days later and said: “We misdiagnosed you – you actually have microvascular angina.” So I was like: “I’ll take that!”’
We'll take that, too, Ms. Braxton.

Kelis releases album art for 'Fleshtones'

Singer Kelis has released the album cover art for her album "Fleshtones," which will be her fifth album to date. Since signing to the Will.I.Am.Music Group, Kelis has ramped up her public appearances in anticipation for a big album push.
Her divorce battle with rapper Nas has simmered down for the moment, giving the singer the time she needs to prep for the album release. Her single "Acapella," has been met with decent reviews so far.
"Fleshtones" features collabs with David Guetta, who made Kelly Rowland a star overseas. Kelis is actually bigger than Kelly is over in the U.K., despite limited marketing.
She's got her detractors, including PETA, which has went after the singer for her penchant to wear furs. But Kelis is making a big run for that Rihanna money and Beyonce money, pulling off the outfits, the weird photo shoots and outlandishness associated with it.
Can she be stopped? We doubt it.


Bald is Beautiful

With summertime quickly approaching, and weather getting hot and humid, we thought it was high time we give a little love to those that decide to take it all off. No, not their shirts. This isn't Mardi Gras.
We're talking about going bald, clean-shaven or close to it.
And no, we're not talking about half of it.
All of it.
Bald is beautiful. We've known this for a long time, but we just haven't gotten confirmation from the media, which refuses to put shine on a shiney head, unless it's a male who makes us laugh.
Bald heads rock, and are cool. Nothing worse than sweating under a helmet of hair when you could feel the breeze with a low-hair cut.


'Love and Basketball' 10 years later

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's been a decade since the African-American classic film, "Love and Basketball."
The film, which boosted actress Sanaa Lathan's movie career and catapulted actor Omar Epps to leading man status, is garnering new attention since the new film, "Just Wright" piggybacks off the former's formula.
In "Love and Basketball," Epps took a turn as a romantic lead, a big turn for somebody who was mostly known for his role opposite Tupac Shakur in "Juice."
Back in 2000, a renaissance of black films was starting to take shape, fueled by the strong ratings of directors like Spike Lee and Matty Rich.
The songs of the time? Craig David was big (remember him), Alicia Keys had just come out with "Fallin" and Blu Cantrell had hit 'em up.
There was no national consciousness of Middle East terror, no wars.
My, have things changed.
So, where are they now? Epps has most recently finished a stint on the hospital drama "ER," while Lathan is still doing film. Both are considered big-time actors, thanks, in part, to "Love and Basketball."
Gina Prince-Bythewood, the UCLA alum who directed "Love and Basketball," (Spike Lee served as producer) most recently directed "The Secret Life of Bees."
The movie wasn't perfect, but it was just right. No, Just Wright.


Does Obama have a 'dark' side?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

At varying times during the debate over health care, and even while he was still running for office, President Obama has been depicted or called some of the most crazy names one can imagine.
From the anti-christ, to Satan himself, Obama has been labeled every single unsavory character in mankind's history. And the thing is, many of the name-callers have been people you'd expect better from: Doctors, lawyers, politicians, truck drivers, soldiers, teachers, etc.
Is there a ring of truth to any of this? I mean, this stuff can get pretty scary.
We all pretty much conceded that Bush I & II were in cahoots with Big Oil, and the bankers, but ...
Does Obama indeed have a "dark" side?
Congressmen labeled the health care reform as Socialist (even calling him and liar). There are many Youtube videos out there explaining how Obama has the number of the beast, or better yet, that he does in fact have the number (on his hand).
Is it true? About as true as him being a Muslim and being born out of the country.
But what would make a person resort to such elementary name-calling?
And if the shoe were on the other foot, would all this vitriol exist?
One has but to wonder how all this chaos and confusion came into play to begin with.


Booty Pads: Can you tell?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

You know, I thought this butt pad thing was just folklore, an urban legend. Never did I think people would actually put on padding to make it look like they were bigger than they were. And when did this whole cottage industry grow up around the fad? Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and others, are obvious. Now there are even butt pad documentaries.
Butt pads apparently have been in style for quite a few years now. But their origins are still shrouded in mystery. I mean, how are they marketed? I've never seen a booty pad commercial. Never seen an advertisement. Of course, I don't read women's magazines, so maybe that's where they reside (along with at the club. Booty pads definitely reside at the club).
Maybe this is just a natural evolution from the shoulder pad thing. Somebody simply took one of those shoulder pads out and put it under their dress.
Of course, the evidence has been around us for some time now. Celebrities, even random chicks, have been stuffing the stocking with merchandise. And it's a good question now, when you see a roundly-endowed chick, is it Real or [Gluteus] Maximus?
But the question is, is this a fad, or are booty pads here to stay? And would you wear one?


T.O. and Halle Berry? Hmmmm

Friday, May 14, 2010

Like a Reese's Pieces buttercup, NFL baller Terrell Owens and newly single mother Halle Berry would be a crazy concoction if they hooked up.
T.O. has fired the first volley, proclaiming that “I hear Halle Berry’s single! I heard she’s on the market…” according to TMZ.
Now we all know T.O. is a sucker for face-time with a camera, and he delivered more shocking revelations: When asked what he'd say to get her, T.O. replied: “Trust me, with a body like this, and a body like hers… I don’t need to spit no game. That’s just real talk!”
Can you imagine these two together? I mean, you thought Jamie Foxx and Halle was crazy? This has reality TV show written all over it.


Robot Love: Music + technology

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's up with all the robot love, lately?
I mean, didn't Jay-Z, like, kill autotune last year? (Dont' tell this guy)
More pronounced recently is the marriage of robotic imagery and our fave women music stars:
The Beybot X1

Beyonce donned a whole cyborg thingy at an awards show a few years back. Was she ahead of her time? And who can forget the cyborg hand?

Going Gaga for Robots

Lady Gaga, who I'm convinced is the secret love child of "Sweet Dreams" singer Annie Lennox and Madonna,  turned the futuristic robotic thing way up with her interesting fashion sense.

And who can forget the most futuristic, sonically speaking, of them all, Ciara? Cici has devoted her whole music catalog to tech-friendly sounds and hasn't been afraid to venture out into bold territory. I guess that "Love, Sex and Magic" stuff is worth something, huh?

Rihanna: Bionic lady
Rihanna, an island chick to the core, has been stepping up her futuristic thing lately. Although being fondled by a robot may not qualify, the "Umbrella" star has realized the need to come of more technologically advanced.


The Extraordinary League of Endangered Baby Names

With Jezebel covering the gamut of regrettable baby names, we thought it was apropos to list a few ourselves.
Call it, "The List of Once Popular Baby Names That Have Become All But Extinct."
Let's roll out the cute rascals, shall we?


1. LeRoy - Why assign your child to plumber status before he can even talk? (Hey, nothing wrong with plumbers *flush*)

2. Dudley -- Dudley was popular with the rise of British actor Dudley Moore. It fell flat with the decline of British actor Dudley Moore.

3. Gus - Short for Gustav, this Old World name has been with us since people were being impaled outside of castles. I think Gus, along with Ivan, was the one doing the impaling.

4. Cleetus -- This name is like a mythical creature you've never seen but often heard of. 'Cleetus' is goofy, but faithful -- like your uncle.

5. Bovine -- I'll be honest, i don't know anybody named Bovine, but the name just struck me as awfully funny (actually just awful).
And other names to avoid:
6. Elvis -- Yes, this used to be a hugely popular name, during the era of "the Kang".
7. Alphonso -- Oh, if this name used to be safe, but got attached to some interesting characters.
8. Bartholomew -- One of those Bible names -- *repeats for emphasis* -- One of those Bible names.
9. Eugene  - Poor gene, imagery of a bespectacled nerd with big teeth doomed Eugene from the start.
10. Biff -- There are no black guys named Biff (Google search). Never was. Never will be. Sadly, no more white guys either.


Pre-Father's Day: Ware = Big Daddy

DeMarcus Ware, fearsome defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, is a big softie at heart, when he's not attacking opposing quarterbacks.
As that special day that causes you to think about your father looms ahead, it's also evident that Ware was apparently ahead of the curve.
Huh, what's that? What curve, you ask?
The one where hulking football players adopt infants, you know, similar to Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Sandra Bullock.
Only Ware did it first (well, Brangelina did, but who cares). Ware's wife Taniqua suffered three soul-numbing miscarriages before adopting Marley in 2008.
One of the babies was named Omar. Ware said at the time, “I feel Omar out there with me [during games], watching over me and protecting me. Sometimes, when I’m tired on the field, and I feel like I can’t go anymore, I just think, what if he had one more breath? What if all three did?”
That kind of stuff is why the Dallas Cowboys will always be America's Team.
Mr. D-Ware, Popwife salutes you!



'I'm black, single, and insulted'

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kansas City star columnist Jeneé Osterheldt says she's sick and tired of being sick and tired about the dismal state of dating for African-American women.
"We are not sad, pathetic, desperate women. Yet these stories paint us that way.
Stop talking down to me and the women I know. We don’t need to be fixed."
Osterheldt makes a good point. This story is almost half-a-decade old, but what she misses is that the complexion of the newsroom -- the people who pushed to have the story done -- is still changing. More and more men and women of color are exploring the issue.
Is it a dead horse? I don't think so, but Osterheldt does. Yet she offers a fresh perspective that is desperately needed: Yet I feel the need to stand up for black men. The women are unfairly tinted as go-getters with impossibly high standards. But the men get labeled as underachievers, dogs, absent. The conversations end up altogether divisive.

I have more than a few single, educated black male friends who say it’s hard to meet the right woman. They want to be married, too. They want to raise children. I have a good black man like that in my life. Yes, they exist.
Check out her column here.

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Study: Barbie Vulvas on the rise

Modern science has confirmed what you've long suspected: Centerfolds, models and the like are aspiring to be barbies, down to the coochie.
After studying Playboy models from 1953 to 2007, "results suggest the perpetuation of a “Barbie Doll” ideal characterized by a low BMI, narrow hips, a prominent bust, and hairless, undefined genitalia resembling those of a prepubescent female.”
That's what a recent study on the subject said. Of course, Barbiefication started almost immediately after the doll first hit toy stores, but it's only accelerated, and now is considered ideal.
And you thought only children liked toys?
I'm gonna have to go against the grain on this one. #TeamRealShapes


Rihanna's 'dirty angel' pics for Rolling Stone

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rihanna continues to toy with the sex kitten imagery since the release of her album, and No. 1 "Rude Boy." This pics from her photo shoot for "Rolling Stone" definitely raise the ante and fall in line nicely with a proposition from mentor Jay-Z to be the face of a series of burlesque nightclubs he wants to kick off.


Lena Horne, G.O.A.T.

The greatest African-American actress, singer and entertainer of all time has left us.
Lena Horne died at the hospital. She was 92.
The Brooklyn native started as a dancer at age 16, immediately attracting the eye of talent promoters. It wouldn't take long for Hollywood to catch up.
In the infancy of television, Horne was a black woman that had never been seen in Hollywood before: She had a clause put into her contract that forbid her to act in movies as a maid. No, Horne wanted roles that weren't symbolically subservient or demeaning to African-Americans. She got them.
Why? Because she was tenacious in her demands and -- let's be honest -- drop-dead gorgeous.
During WWII, Horne's star really took off. She landed her first film role in 1942, which led to her ground-breaking performance in "Stormy Weather."
Since those days almost half a century ago, the black actress has stood on Horne's shoulders as more roles and entertainment avenues have opened up.
During the civil rights era, Horne was a leading force in entertainment, championing the leading black actresses of the day.
It's become a cliche' now, but in this case, Lena Horne was truly the Greatest. Of. All. Time.


Party on, girls. Party on

Sunday, May 9, 2010

You know you're having a good time when each one has to hold the other one up. Party on, girls, party on.


Is Beyonce about to retire?

She's opened No. 1 at the movies, captured the Grammys, the acclaim, the fame, and even got Mr. Carter on her arm.
What if she decided to spend the remaining days of her life by the poolside chatting up girlfriends?
Could her music career stand the test of time? The trio of really good Destiny's Child albums, and the few solo LPs she's produced, are they timeless?
It's a good question, because one day -- probably sooner rather than later -- Queen Bey is going to walk away from it all.
At 27, financially Bey could retire tomorrow. Artistically, she's about done, too. What's left?
Yeah, Bey, we know you're terrified of having a baby, but soon you -- or Mr. Carter -- crave one.
Hits like "Dangerously In Love" and "Irreplaceable," and even "Bills, Bills, Bills" will be hoisted on the shelf next to "Respect," and "Please Mr. Postman".
Will Beyonce's music stack up?
As she ponders time away from the game the question -- Bey's place in the pantheon of great female soul singers -- is one worth considering.
Striesand, Diana Ross, Aretha, Tina Turner ... Will Bey be awarded diva status?


Fail: Glamor mugshot

Now there are mugshots, and there are mugshots.
I don't know what the heck this is, but the DeKalb County police know all about it. It probably came about from watching too much "ANTM" and wanting to well, finally get some shine in front of the camera.
Shine on, Miss Thang, shine on.
Found this gem over at Muggn, where insanity like this is par for the course. Girlfriend just knew she was taking a glamor shot. This just may be fail mugshot of all time, along with this one of course.


A New Girl Group?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

And you thought your sorority had fun in college. Introducing Vanity Slain, er, just kidding (NOT).
These three are obviously a super girl group mixed with martial arts-like flavor. Put you in the mind of a slim Ashlee Simpson, a Buffy the Vampire lookalike, and an Aubrey O'day?
Me neither.
Boy, Facebook is a trip, aint it? (These three will never get a job).


Celebrity Style: Rihanna's 'neotard'

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Okay, the girl has courage, that's for sure. Peep the latest outfit from Rated R. Cool or fool? Share

Chris Brown: Helping Haiti not about me

Former Billboard chart-topper Chris Brown says his efforts to help Haiti are authentic and have nothing to do with him trying to rebuild his image.
Oh, and he announced a new venture where he's selling ice cubes to Eskimos.
The "I Can Transform Ya" star recently had this to say about those that question his motives. “When it’s a question of, ‘Oh, is he doing this to gain fans or get his image back?’ it hurts,” he said. “When you do something genuinely from your heart, it’s not for PR or press. If that was the case, I’d try to get Obama or somebody.”
Obama? Did you hear that Obama? Chris said he'd get you -- like pull you out of a hat, when needed (would he tell some jokes, maybe?).
Chris has a benefit concert in Richmond, Virgina, called "Virginia Stand Up," which will raise funds for Haiti.
He says he's been getting major love. “The response has been incredible,” Chris told “I still live out here, so people come up to me if I’m in the store and tell me, ‘I think it’s great what you’re doing.’ It’s going to be incredible. Everybody’s happy about it.”
Chris Brown needs major image rehab. Haiti needs major rehab. I think he should do all he can to help the struggling country after January's catastrophic earthquake, but Chris, let's be real, bro: You need this.
It's okay, I'm with it, it's a good cause, just don't fake the funk, dude.
Remember, you have nothing to lose.


Barbie: Why he chose her

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maybe it's because your hair is more blonde than hers. Both of them black at the roots.
Her eyes are blue like the ocean, and just as deep.
Yours are brown like the Earth. Like his.
When he looks at you he sees his mother. When he looks at her he sees a hot mama.
Sure, her Gucci purse is fake; but your attitude is.
She doesn't have it together. But she knows it. And she's willing to admit a need.
After all, isn't that why you choose somebody?


Game show: Brazilian roller boogie?

Quick: What do you get when you combine rollerskating, "The Price is Right," and an old rerun of "Wonder Woman"?
Some Brazilian game show that is a certified hit in the States and abroad. Speaking of a broad, there are several -- all of them scantily clad.


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