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Kelis releases album art for 'Fleshtones'

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Singer Kelis has released the album cover art for her album "Fleshtones," which will be her fifth album to date. Since signing to the Will.I.Am.Music Group, Kelis has ramped up her public appearances in anticipation for a big album push.
Her divorce battle with rapper Nas has simmered down for the moment, giving the singer the time she needs to prep for the album release. Her single "Acapella," has been met with decent reviews so far.
"Fleshtones" features collabs with David Guetta, who made Kelly Rowland a star overseas. Kelis is actually bigger than Kelly is over in the U.K., despite limited marketing.
She's got her detractors, including PETA, which has went after the singer for her penchant to wear furs. But Kelis is making a big run for that Rihanna money and Beyonce money, pulling off the outfits, the weird photo shoots and outlandishness associated with it.
Can she be stopped? We doubt it.




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