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Is Beyonce about to retire?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

She's opened No. 1 at the movies, captured the Grammys, the acclaim, the fame, and even got Mr. Carter on her arm.
What if she decided to spend the remaining days of her life by the poolside chatting up girlfriends?
Could her music career stand the test of time? The trio of really good Destiny's Child albums, and the few solo LPs she's produced, are they timeless?
It's a good question, because one day -- probably sooner rather than later -- Queen Bey is going to walk away from it all.
At 27, financially Bey could retire tomorrow. Artistically, she's about done, too. What's left?
Yeah, Bey, we know you're terrified of having a baby, but soon you -- or Mr. Carter -- crave one.
Hits like "Dangerously In Love" and "Irreplaceable," and even "Bills, Bills, Bills" will be hoisted on the shelf next to "Respect," and "Please Mr. Postman".
Will Beyonce's music stack up?
As she ponders time away from the game the question -- Bey's place in the pantheon of great female soul singers -- is one worth considering.
Striesand, Diana Ross, Aretha, Tina Turner ... Will Bey be awarded diva status?




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