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NFL player: We 'import' women from FB, Myspace

Thursday, May 20, 2010

NFL player Dwayne Bowe has given the game away for NFL players everywhere. He recently told ESPN Magazine that players jump from hotel to hotel room. What's in the rooms? Women. Lots of them.
Bowe said having a groupie seek you out is played out. Now, the players coordinate through Facebook, Myspace and Twitter and arrange for the women to already be in the room.
"My rookie year, we were playing in San Diego," Bowe says. "You hear stories about groupies hanging out in hotel lobbies, but some of my teammates had it set up so there was a girl in every room. The older guys get on MySpace and Facebook a week before we go to a city; when a pretty one writes back, they arrange to fly her in three or four days in advance. They call it importing."
Former coach Herm Edwards, who coached Kansas City three years ago, basically said Bowe is going to get jumped on.
"That's on Dwayne," Herm said. "I've always said that generally what happens in the locker room or on the field or around the players, it stays there."
Not no more.




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