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Robot Love: Music + technology

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's up with all the robot love, lately?
I mean, didn't Jay-Z, like, kill autotune last year? (Dont' tell this guy)
More pronounced recently is the marriage of robotic imagery and our fave women music stars:
The Beybot X1

Beyonce donned a whole cyborg thingy at an awards show a few years back. Was she ahead of her time? And who can forget the cyborg hand?

Going Gaga for Robots

Lady Gaga, who I'm convinced is the secret love child of "Sweet Dreams" singer Annie Lennox and Madonna,  turned the futuristic robotic thing way up with her interesting fashion sense.

And who can forget the most futuristic, sonically speaking, of them all, Ciara? Cici has devoted her whole music catalog to tech-friendly sounds and hasn't been afraid to venture out into bold territory. I guess that "Love, Sex and Magic" stuff is worth something, huh?

Rihanna: Bionic lady
Rihanna, an island chick to the core, has been stepping up her futuristic thing lately. Although being fondled by a robot may not qualify, the "Umbrella" star has realized the need to come of more technologically advanced.




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