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Booty Pads: Can you tell?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

You know, I thought this butt pad thing was just folklore, an urban legend. Never did I think people would actually put on padding to make it look like they were bigger than they were. And when did this whole cottage industry grow up around the fad? Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and others, are obvious. Now there are even butt pad documentaries.
Butt pads apparently have been in style for quite a few years now. But their origins are still shrouded in mystery. I mean, how are they marketed? I've never seen a booty pad commercial. Never seen an advertisement. Of course, I don't read women's magazines, so maybe that's where they reside (along with at the club. Booty pads definitely reside at the club).
Maybe this is just a natural evolution from the shoulder pad thing. Somebody simply took one of those shoulder pads out and put it under their dress.
Of course, the evidence has been around us for some time now. Celebrities, even random chicks, have been stuffing the stocking with merchandise. And it's a good question now, when you see a roundly-endowed chick, is it Real or [Gluteus] Maximus?
But the question is, is this a fad, or are booty pads here to stay? And would you wear one?




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