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Pre-Father's Day: Ware = Big Daddy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

DeMarcus Ware, fearsome defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, is a big softie at heart, when he's not attacking opposing quarterbacks.
As that special day that causes you to think about your father looms ahead, it's also evident that Ware was apparently ahead of the curve.
Huh, what's that? What curve, you ask?
The one where hulking football players adopt infants, you know, similar to Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Sandra Bullock.
Only Ware did it first (well, Brangelina did, but who cares). Ware's wife Taniqua suffered three soul-numbing miscarriages before adopting Marley in 2008.
One of the babies was named Omar. Ware said at the time, “I feel Omar out there with me [during games], watching over me and protecting me. Sometimes, when I’m tired on the field, and I feel like I can’t go anymore, I just think, what if he had one more breath? What if all three did?”
That kind of stuff is why the Dallas Cowboys will always be America's Team.
Mr. D-Ware, Popwife salutes you!





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