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Does Obama have a 'dark' side?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

At varying times during the debate over health care, and even while he was still running for office, President Obama has been depicted or called some of the most crazy names one can imagine.
From the anti-christ, to Satan himself, Obama has been labeled every single unsavory character in mankind's history. And the thing is, many of the name-callers have been people you'd expect better from: Doctors, lawyers, politicians, truck drivers, soldiers, teachers, etc.
Is there a ring of truth to any of this? I mean, this stuff can get pretty scary.
We all pretty much conceded that Bush I & II were in cahoots with Big Oil, and the bankers, but ...
Does Obama indeed have a "dark" side?
Congressmen labeled the health care reform as Socialist (even calling him and liar). There are many Youtube videos out there explaining how Obama has the number of the beast, or better yet, that he does in fact have the number (on his hand).
Is it true? About as true as him being a Muslim and being born out of the country.
But what would make a person resort to such elementary name-calling?
And if the shoe were on the other foot, would all this vitriol exist?
One has but to wonder how all this chaos and confusion came into play to begin with.




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