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The Extraordinary League of Endangered Baby Names

Thursday, May 13, 2010

With Jezebel covering the gamut of regrettable baby names, we thought it was apropos to list a few ourselves.
Call it, "The List of Once Popular Baby Names That Have Become All But Extinct."
Let's roll out the cute rascals, shall we?


1. LeRoy - Why assign your child to plumber status before he can even talk? (Hey, nothing wrong with plumbers *flush*)

2. Dudley -- Dudley was popular with the rise of British actor Dudley Moore. It fell flat with the decline of British actor Dudley Moore.

3. Gus - Short for Gustav, this Old World name has been with us since people were being impaled outside of castles. I think Gus, along with Ivan, was the one doing the impaling.

4. Cleetus -- This name is like a mythical creature you've never seen but often heard of. 'Cleetus' is goofy, but faithful -- like your uncle.

5. Bovine -- I'll be honest, i don't know anybody named Bovine, but the name just struck me as awfully funny (actually just awful).
And other names to avoid:
6. Elvis -- Yes, this used to be a hugely popular name, during the era of "the Kang".
7. Alphonso -- Oh, if this name used to be safe, but got attached to some interesting characters.
8. Bartholomew -- One of those Bible names -- *repeats for emphasis* -- One of those Bible names.
9. Eugene  - Poor gene, imagery of a bespectacled nerd with big teeth doomed Eugene from the start.
10. Biff -- There are no black guys named Biff (Google search). Never was. Never will be. Sadly, no more white guys either.




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