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Friday, May 14, 2010

Like a Reese's Pieces buttercup, NFL baller Terrell Owens and newly single mother Halle Berry would be a crazy concoction if they hooked up.
T.O. has fired the first volley, proclaiming that “I hear Halle Berry’s single! I heard she’s on the market…” according to TMZ.
Now we all know T.O. is a sucker for face-time with a camera, and he delivered more shocking revelations: When asked what he'd say to get her, T.O. replied: “Trust me, with a body like this, and a body like hers… I don’t need to spit no game. That’s just real talk!”
Can you imagine these two together? I mean, you thought Jamie Foxx and Halle was crazy? This has reality TV show written all over it.




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