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Why Interracial Love is an Epic Win

Monday, November 30, 2009

The stigma of race has followed many us through all the corridors of society: Work, home at church, etc. Despite the progress some have made with interracial relationships, there are others that reject it with utter disgust.
Is interracial love a betrayal of one's self and ethnicity?
Some say nblack men that sleep with white wome do it for status or to get a "trophy wife." Some even view landing a white woman as a coup de gras business move that will help them be accepted among the upper echelon businessmen.
Some men see a sister dating a white man as a stab in the back, an abandonment. (note: These are the same men that don't want them though.)
They say it is further degradation of the black family.
Well, is it?
It's a known fact that there are more "available" black women out here than "eligible" black men. Unless polygamy comes back, the numbers simply won't work.
As for the black men who go for white women, do the reasons even matter anymore? Sure, there could have been ulterior motives, but who's business is it?
Is there a feasible argument for "staying in one's race" when it comes to love?
Interracial love is in fact an epic win for everybody. It could never be epic fail, or even a slight fail.
After all, "Love never fails." - 1 Corinthians 13:8

Star Power: Beyonce had it at age 5

World music star Beyonce began her path to the biggest woman in entertainment more than 25 years ago. The 28-year-old published video last week of her showing her stuff as a little girl.
Who would think she would go on to become pop music's biggest star since (wait, I forgot about Rihanna). Anyways, Bey is a friggin' rock star.

Alicia Keys releases 'Empire State of Mind 2'

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Continuing to leak her mega-album "Element of Freedom", Alicia Keys recently let another version of her anthemic "Empire State of Mind," this one dubbed part II, slip out. And I must say, I like this version better, even without Jay-Z. It's more Earthy, less hip-hop but more, well, Keys.

N.Y. Girl with Leukemia to meet Obama

President Obama is putting China and Afghanistan on the back-burner to visit 6-year-old Jasmina Anema, a New York girl stricken with leukemia.
Anema, who has been featured in media across the country, was arranged by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
And she has some things she'd like to share with Obama.
"I hope we can talk about leukemia and how it changes the lives of children," Jasmina wrote.
"Maybe I can give you some advice to help children with cancer. I want us to make having cancer easier for children."
You go, girl. How to do the 'Beyonce Booty lift'?

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's been rare times when I've actually shook my head at the Internet, but I did recently when I ran across a post on "How to do the Beyonce booty lift."
Now, initially I thought this was a dance move or something, but this is evidently an exercise that benefits the gluts.
The heck with Richard Simmons, or Bowflex, somebody wants some "Crazy in Love" type junk in the truck (Bey is only average back there, right?).
I guess, watching a video just wasn't enough; somebody had to gumption to actually sit down and write out a step-by-step instruction manual on booty liftness.
What's next, the Lil Wayne cup-raise?

Study: High post black women not marrying

Black women who make the big bucks can't find a man. This--from a study on high-achieving women of color--proves what you already know and have lived for years.
The study, presented by the American Sociological Society, says black women risk not having children, thus a depopulation because, well, as the study puts it they're not getting married because there is no "reliable partner" out there.
Now, I don't have a problem with studies if the numbers support what is being said, but no "reliable partners"? What's that supposed to mean?
Is the study saying that black men (the ones out there and available) arent' "reliable?"
This just in: Black men hit harder with unemployment

Jay-Z disses models for wifey?

Rapper Jay-Z is taking his vows to the stage with him. The New York rapper reportedly stiffed armed Victoria Secret models at a fashion show last week, refusing to be photographed with them out of respect for wife, Beyonce.
Evidently many of the girls were looking forward to getting snapped with the celebrity, but Jay had other plans. This follows photographs about a week ago of Beyonce getting out of a car--with paparazzi in position to snap crotch shots-- covering up her legs with a coat.
Kudos to them both. The couple is taking pains to respect each other in a hectic sex-starved environment. The only thing is, will Jay also refused to be photographed with Rihanna; will Bey refuse to let herself be groped on stage by her dancers?
How far will they take it?

Introducing Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators

Friday, November 20, 2009

At first glance you'd think this photo was obviously taken from the 1960s or 1970s, instead of 2007.
And that's just the point, musically.
U.S. music artists have been stuck in a rut lately; dulled and lulled by the T-painization and Lil-Wayneism of popular music, if you will.
Nicole Willis, who's "If This Aint Love" is on constant rotation in my ride, is from New York, and her band from points in Finland and beyond, the Soul Investigators just may be about to blow.
The band has been tearing up performances across Denmark, Spain, Portugal and France, to name a few, but the U.S. beckons.
It won't be a British re-invasion.
Willis and her troupe are content to stay across the pond, but when it comes to real instrumentation and earth vocals, the U.S. scene is in trouble.
And that may be a good thing.

Did Nelly have a 'Tip Drill' Flashback?

Nelly was recently seen in Atlanta strip club Magic City recently (along with "the inventor" Trey Songz and Jermaine Dupri) with 1s "raining" from his hands. No word on whether he whipped out the plastic. But if you remember, Nelly got in a whole gang of trouble in 2003 when his video "Tip Drill" depicted him sliding a credit card between a woman's nether parts. The uproar came to a head at Atlanta womens' college, Spelman, in which an event sponsored by Nelly raising awareness of the need for bone marrow donors was protested. What made matters worse, Nelly's own sister later died from sickle and he attributed the protest to a case of misdirected anger.
Has Nelly reverted to his former self? Is Ashanti no longer involved? What's up?

Rihanna: I Miss Chris

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prepping for a new album and trying to focus on her music, Rihanna, in an interview published in The Sun, says she when she hears ex-boyfriend Chris Brown's music she won't turn it off, rather, just the opposite. "I don't snub or turn it off; I listen. I like his music."
When asked if she missed the "I Can Transform Ya" star, RiRi replied: "Sometimes. Actually, yes."
That's not to say she'll get back together with him, but, she says, "There are a lot of reminders, like a lot of hotel rooms, a lot of places we've been to together, music.
Truth is, if RiRi did get back with him, the backlash would be brutal and final: Not only would Tyra Banks, the record-buying public, and Jay-Z, her mentor, bail on her, but "The Big O" would act a fool.
And for her career, that would truly be Russian Roulette.

Celebrity Style: Russell's Nieces

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ivana and Jess "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" (Lady Gaga

Barbie: Race Car Driver

Jay-Z, Will and Jada back 'Fela' musical

Big hip-hop stars Jay-Z and Will Smith and wifey Jada Pinkett-Smith are throwing their weight behind black Broadway musical "Fela" with the announcement that the trio will be producers. The "Fela" blog has added a "Shaun 'Jay-Z' Carter and Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith present" tag to the web site's banner.
The play, a homage to Nigerian music artist Fela Kuti, will debut next week in New York and is sure to bring out the celebrities now that two of the most recognizable names in show business have joined in.

Beyonce upstages Lady GaGa in 'Video Phone'

Well, Lady Gaga had her first real opportunity to shine next to a luminary, and she kinda fell back big time. In the "Video Phone" video, directed by Hype Williams, the woman known for the most outrageous outfits was upstaged by Beyonce in every clip. The homages to Hollywood were evident when the clip came on and you would have figured that it was just up Lady Gaga's alley right? Wrong.
She played it straight. This is a woman that had blood curdling out her chest at the VMAs and she's with a filmmaker who gets off on blatant color orgies, and she shoots her shot with a white dress on.

Other than that, the song is just okay, but the video really signals the return of Wiliams, who's been kinda low key lately. Check the video out in the right rail.

Fall colors: Black is Back

It's apparent that even though winter has yet to show its face (at least down South) that people are iching to wear their black this year. And it's not the layers and layers of black that will shine this time, it's the long garbs, the gowns, the shawls, it's the scarfs.
It's toga time.
People will have enormous swaths of black around their neck and back. But before you go looking like Count Chocula, let's do fall first. Earth tones, warm browns and vibrant clay colors.

Nicki Minaj Can't Be Lil Kim, Doesn't Want to

Sunday, November 15, 2009

After testing the waters this summer with her third mixtape chock full of sexual references and innuendo reminiscient of rapper Lil Kim, Young Money artist Nicki Minaj has noticeably pulled back on the sex talk.
Not only was there a small backlash from Lil Kim fans that felt she was biting hard, but evidently the vibe and character that she was portraying was not separate enough for Universal to ante up.
But they finally did, after Minaj did a round of interviews downplaying the sexual aspect of her persona and music.
She's set to drop her official LP in 2010.
Are you a customer?

Priscilla Renea '22' (Original Song)

Thirty thousand people can't be wrong.
That's the number of people that are tuned in to Priscilla Renea's Youtube channel. She also has a considerable following on Myspace. Never say you can't accomplish what you put your mind to: Renea has just signed a record deal with Capitol records.

Hey Tyra, Meat us Half-Way

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the wake of a nmodel's Photoshop disaster from clothier Ralph Laure last month, there's only one way to stop young girls who aspire to be models from trying to look anorexic: Tyra Banks must gorge herself on a whole rump roast on her show.
Banks, who's known to stand her ground when it comes to the hefty-weight issue, should allow herself to be chained to a dinner table, handcuffed to a chair and some choice, black angus should be placed before her.
At the beginning of the show, they should weigh her; at the end of the show they should her.
Girls will then be able to see a "model chick" eating and enjoying a meal without them feeling there's something wrong with it.
Who's with me?

Sugarbabes new chick 'scurred' of Keisha

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

As if we needed another girl group spat, the British girlgroup, the Sugarbabes are planning big things with the upcoming release of their 7th album, "Sweet 7".
But after canning mocha-skinned Keisha Buchanan, there may be beef simmering in the group. New member 21-year-old Jade Ewen says she's scared of Keisha.
More Spice Girls than TLC or Destiny's Child, the Sugarbabes look to take off where Danity Kane left off, appealing to teens and tweens while leaving the grown-woman stuff to Kiesha Cole and Bey.
The English girls, who signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation imprint earlier this year, hope the United States digs their music the way the U.K. has.
The Sugarbabes have 5 platinum albums. Not bad for a group that has recently seen more personnel shuffling than Destiny's Child.
This is not the first time there's been a shakeup in the Sugarbabes: In 2005, Amelle Berrabah was brought on to replace Mutya Buena.
Ewen, shown here in the pic leaving the club with Berrabah, has yet to be introduced to fans in the U.K. and may have a stronger U.S. following once the LP drops.
No word yet on any indication that Jay-Z had anything to do with the replacement of Keisha, but you know he'll star in a few songs with them. They also have NeYo and Sean Kingston on their new album.

Celebrity Style: RiRi goes blonde

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rihanna switched it up this week, revealing blonde coifs in the same week that she has become a Youtube sensation for her interview on the Chris Brown situation. If this is any indication of a mood change, then her hair will be a different color in as soon as a few days. In any event, blonde ambition is a good thing, I guess.

Partying in a Recession: A good thing?

Monday, November 9, 2009

You basically can't tell a recession is going on if you cruise the streets in a major city on the weekend. Go by the club. It's packed.
People are getting their drink on, their groove on, and their "stanky leg" on amid one of the worst economic downturns in the past 70 years.
Is that okay?
Some people may say that people deserve to have fun; these are rough, stressful times, and getting loose is just a small antidote to numb the pain.
But going to the club every weekend? When it's clearly a time to save, a time to help? I don't know.
I think some of our priorities are off a little.
What do you think?

Did Wendy Williams Shine in 2009?

If your TV remote has wondered toward the nether regions of the channels --you know past Nickelodeon, past Bravo, past the Food Network -- then you've no doubt stumbled upon the 6 foot 2 physique of Wendy Williams on BET. Williams, who hails from Asbury Park, New Jersey, used to call herself the Howard Stern of urban radio. Now, she's gunning for the Oprah Winfrey of urban TV. (Because we all know some folk say about The Big O).
In addition to the TV talk show, Williams got major shine in 2009: A movie about her life was put into production, with Robin Givens playing the lead role.
Williams is known as a major gossip trafficker in NYC and has had heated words with such luminaries as Whitney Houston, Method Man, and even Tupac Shakur.
The main criticism from her looks has been that she resembles a tranny.
And she does, to me. But that is irrelevant in the big scheme of things. I mean, think about it, a LOT of people on TV look like that, or even more wierd.

The Rise of Dudes Wearing Wigs

Sunday, November 8, 2009

You thought it was just the girls with the weave?
So did I, but apparently, there is a burgeoning demand for hair pieces for men. It may come from the underrated market for men's hair due to male pattern baldness, but whatever it's sources. It's here to stay.
Now, don't get me wrong; men have been wearing wigs for years, but it's never been a huge market for young people. Now, it's growing Lfrom the retirement set down to young people.
But, you, what about you? Would you be cool with dating a man who wore a wig?

Beyonce Channels Vanity 6

Saturday, November 7, 2009

You'd think an urban singer in a camisole would be a new idea in 2009, what with goody-two-shoes out there like Jordan Sparks and Taylor Swift, even, India Irie. But your girl Beyonce went 1986 with it in Europe recently, tapping into the raw sensuality of Vanity 6 (where is Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams when you need them)? Bey's risque outfit comes on the heels of a big uproar over her music in Malaysia, where Islamic fundamentalists say her work is Satanic.
"I do not know who agreed to this sinful, unacceptable advertisement, or indeed who agreed to these blatant sex parties," a Malaysian lawmaker is quoted as saying, accusing the government of encouraging "sin and debauchery."
Beyonce cleane up at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards, taking home three awards - Best Song, Best Video among them. And Kanye West apparently wasn't invited. Wonder why?

Random Style: Party Girl

Monday, November 2, 2009


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