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Beyonce Channels Vanity 6

Saturday, November 7, 2009

You'd think an urban singer in a camisole would be a new idea in 2009, what with goody-two-shoes out there like Jordan Sparks and Taylor Swift, even, India Irie. But your girl Beyonce went 1986 with it in Europe recently, tapping into the raw sensuality of Vanity 6 (where is Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams when you need them)? Bey's risque outfit comes on the heels of a big uproar over her music in Malaysia, where Islamic fundamentalists say her work is Satanic.
"I do not know who agreed to this sinful, unacceptable advertisement, or indeed who agreed to these blatant sex parties," a Malaysian lawmaker is quoted as saying, accusing the government of encouraging "sin and debauchery."
Beyonce cleane up at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards, taking home three awards - Best Song, Best Video among them. And Kanye West apparently wasn't invited. Wonder why?



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