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Beyonce upstages Lady GaGa in 'Video Phone'

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Well, Lady Gaga had her first real opportunity to shine next to a luminary, and she kinda fell back big time. In the "Video Phone" video, directed by Hype Williams, the woman known for the most outrageous outfits was upstaged by Beyonce in every clip. The homages to Hollywood were evident when the clip came on and you would have figured that it was just up Lady Gaga's alley right? Wrong.
She played it straight. This is a woman that had blood curdling out her chest at the VMAs and she's with a filmmaker who gets off on blatant color orgies, and she shoots her shot with a white dress on.

Other than that, the song is just okay, but the video really signals the return of Wiliams, who's been kinda low key lately. Check the video out in the right rail.



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