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Rise of the Cherd (Chick Nerd)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The latest, but certainly not newest, archtype in popular culture is the Cherd.
After being bombarded by the Jezebel-type (thanks, BET), TV and movies are putting the Cherd (thanks, Tina Fey) to the forefront these days, and actually making her sexy.
There's even web sites devoted to the Cherd.
We all know them, from popular TV shows, ("Ugly Betty") to cartoons (Velma from "Scooby Doo").
According to Wikipedia, you are a chick nerd if you meet the following criteria:

- Often wears eyeglasses, which typically have large lenses and thick frames - in comics, particularly, this is an easy shorthand way of indicating that a character is a Nerd Girl.
- Dress unfashionably, not as a statement but because she doesn't care about fashion. Typically her clothes will be loose and comfortable (but see Subtypes below); they may be somewhat "young" for her. This should not be confused with dressing in alternative or eclectic fashions such as indie, goth, or bohemian, although in recent years, some nerd girls (especially self-styled), have begun doing so in an attempt to generate a more interesting outward image.
- Wear her hair in unconventional styles (such as a ponytail or pigtails)
is highly intelligent and competent.
- Has expertise or knowledge in a specialised area, and/or a wide general knowledge
- Is fascinated by some area of knowledge, usually cultural, liberal arts and humanities or the science and tech-related fields.
- Is not popular by choice (introverted, independent or doubts human nature/culture)
- Is shy and may be somewhat socially inept in groups
uninterested in and unskilled at sports or at practical matters(distinguishing her from the tomboy).

I personally like Cherds.
But what about you, are you a cherd? Are cherds cool?



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