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Study: Alcohol Makes Women Less Attractive. To Men

Monday, April 20, 2009

That last part is key. "To men." Because we all know that when you get a little juice women may find you attractive. But according to the study, which was conducted by scientists that asked men and women in bars and cafes to look at photos, getting sloshed makes no difference to men. (The study doesn't address women drinkers though).
Half those drinkers in the study had to categorize their state as "relaxed and benign", "blunted and disinhibited", "boisterous and over-expressive", or "unambiguously drunk".
The study also said that makeup had little effect on the wasted men.
Well, in my opinion, drunk people make all kinds of mistakes, this included. I know plenty of women where drinking makes them more (gurgle) attractive!



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