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Pigging Out on a First Date: Cool or No?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Not enough is written about the social interaction between man and woman at the dinner table. Especially is the light dim when one considers the eating habits on first-time dates. Can a person tell a lot about you from what you eat/how you eat on a date? I remember taking a woman out on a first date when I was a 19-year-old freshman in college. It was a nice restaurant. We both dressed casually nice. I ordered ice tea. She ordered water. (Hmm, she's thoughtful, I thought).
I ordered the buffet, something like $15 of all-you-can-eat seafood, catfish, fried and blackened, shrimp, popcorn and butterfly, crab legs,etc.
When it was her turn to order, I attentively looked down, hoping she'd seen something from the entree list that was reasonably priced.
After about a good 20 seconds, she ordered the buffett, too.
"WHAAAT?" I said to myself at the time.
I laugh about it now, but by me ordering the buffet I was hoping telekenetically that she would know not to order a buffet but get an entree (since I would be able to get whatever she wanted to try over and over again).
"Why did she do that?" I said to myself. "Greedy."
But was she? Should I have expected her (or myself) to be intuitive enough to feel comfortable with me fetching her crab legs from the buffet if she wanted? Mine you, she was comfortable enough with me paying the check.
But even if she was paying for her own meal, should she have held back at the plate, starve herself, for first impression's sake?
But, is it okay to pig out on a first date? What does it say?



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