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Is 'Supermodel' Just a Word Now?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tell me if you recognize the name: Daiane Conterato. Isabeli Fontana. Okay, Liya Kebede. Or Anna Gushina. How about Bette Franken? Behati Prinsloo?
I know, I know, one name -- at best -- sounded familiar to you, right? That's because the women gracing the catalogue covers and actually doing the catwalking or basically no-names these days.
Gone are the days when you actually knew the top model in the world.
The Internet has changed things: Now models are born every second. For every 19-year-old discovered walking the streets in Iceland, there's some big-boned chick from Sweetwater, Mississippi posting pics online proclaiming herself a "model".
So, what's that mean? It means, among other things, that the dream that Tyra Banks is selling ("You can become America's Next Top Model") is pretty much a facade.
Nowadays you're just as likely to see a Flavor of Love girl on the cover of a magazine than you are one of those pencil-thin girls from any ANTM season.
Are there any true 'Supermodels' left?



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