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Is Your Relationship Getting Boring?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blame it on the recession or just coincidence, but alot of couples are falling into monotony most nights, watching TV or fiddling on the computer, regardless of the occasion.
Don't get me wrong, I like the invention of the television set, but I'm in the minority here: I've never seen CSI, NYPD-blue or red, or whatever forensic schtick is on these days.
I'm a doer. I need to be gone sometimes.
Certainly the economic downturn has stopped a lot of people from going out and doing some of the things they're accustomed to doing i.e. movies, fine dining, plays, etc.
But is sitting in the house staring at the walls the answer?
Most people say there is a two-word remedy that can cure what ails such a relationship: Free stuff.
Yes, do free stuff.
And no, watching the television is not "free," nor is Playstation.
Doing free things involves actually leaving the house (often with a entertainment guide from the local city) to find, search, unearth the hard-to-find joys out there for couples to enjoy.
Got any ideas?



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