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Celebrity Style: Ever Wish You Had a Twin?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Few things are as awesome in this life as having a twin (well not actually having a twin per se, but the idea of having a twin).
Just think: While growing up, every step of the way, you have a companion, another you!
And few twins do the peas-in-a-pod thing better than the Oslen girls, Mary-Kate and Ashley, formerly of "Full House."
Now that the Wondertwins are 23-year-olds, they have ventured into fashion, fearlessly carving out separate niches of style which fit their individual tastes.
Mary-Kate is kind of funky with hers (she has been spotted looking like a train-spotter on several occasions) while Ashley is more at home in long gown-like numbers, kind of Anne Heche-like.
Either way, the girls are growing into separate, individual women, and that's wonderful.



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