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Is Justin Timberlake On the Prowl?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

With news that the romance between actress Jessica Beil and "Cry Me a River" singer Justin Timberlake is on the skids, speculation has reached fever pitch on who Timbo has on his "hit list."
Could he be sharing Rihanna's umbrella, ella, ella ... Aye!
That's the word on the street, as Timberlake's exploits with different women in the past few weeks have fueled rumors of he and Biel's entry into Splitsville. (He reportedly was with RiRi at MTV's VMA's two weeks ago).
The latest news is that Timbo is still sailing with Biel but the ship is taking on water.
Whatever happens, Biel will have no problemo finding somebody should Timbo decide to dip.
He may love her, but sometimes it takes the ups -- and downs -- before you know that you and a person are really N'Sync, ya know?



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