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Is It Possible for Adults to be Spoiled Rotten?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Okay, you're a Grown A. Man or Grown A. Woman, right? And you usually get what you deserve via hard work, determination, etc., right?
But you can still be spoiled, right?
I mean, as grown-ups we tend to associate the word with children, but let's face it: Some off us do act like juveniles.
I mean, if you don't get your way in a relationship do you pout? Do you get mad, angry and belligerent? That's pouting.
Think about it: What was the last significant argument you had with your Sig Other (that didn't involve moolah)? Was it because of something that didn't go your way, and you just made a big stink over it?
That's. Pouting.
It's not cute, people. I know, I know, you're working on it. But we dont' have all lifetime, ya know?



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