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Ethnic Wars: Does 'Black' Even Matter Anymore?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

with the January inauguration of President Obama, you'd think this "post-racialism" thing would cool off by now and normalcy would reign.
But racism, racemongering and racialism are all alive and kicking this year -- one would argue that from recent headlines this has been the most racial summer since the civil rights unrest of the 1960s.
Not only are we seeing the true colors of "progressives," "conservatives" and the like, but even African-Americans are acting out.
Four hundreds years after coming to this country, there is still a turbulent debate on what "black" even is.
Obama (and to a lesser extent Tiger Woods) has helped usher in a whole group of people who assign themselves to both black and white, or neither.
It's a great debate, but the question is does it even matter ... anymore?
What's black, what's not black, and who really cares?



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