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Will Amerie's 'Love and War' be either?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your girl Amerie is back in the limelight with the release of her upcoming album. She recently released the cover art, which is on some hmmmm-kay type ish.
Amerie, who is a relatively new Def Jam signee, is benefiting from moderate marketing and promotion this time out, and it figures, because "In Love and War" is definitely a do-or-die album.
But can she sing?
Actually, scratch that. Who sings nowadays?
Can she accurately convey the pain and emotion that a title like "In Love and War" brings to mind?
Will "In Love and War" be either?
Her last LP, 2007's "Because I Love It," wasn't even released in the United States (where they do that at?)
This time with "In Love and War," she is hoping for stateside success at least. In her absence she's seen newcomers like Keri Hilson become chart monsters with the help of features from people like Kanye West and Lil Wayne.
Speaking of the Young Money rapper, he appears on one of "In Love and War's" first singles, "Heard Em All," which could be a blessing or curse this time, depending on the public's response to an obvious oversaturation with Weezy.
Amerie's music, known for heavy percussion and flighty vocals, will need to come correct this time if it stands a chance.
If not, we'll be seeing ya ... "So You Think You Can DanceSing."



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