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The Difference Between Sex and Intimacy

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well, do you know?
Do you know the difference between sex and intimacy?
One can entail the other, but do you know when each -- and not the other -- is required?
Do you rush into the brute, peripheral act without the gradual, learned process of teaching each other how to be intimate first?
Before you learned big words like "intercourse," and "ejaculation," you -- probably being about 12 or 13 --- knew about sex, at least in its basic forms.
Sex had crept into your conversation with your peers and back then it was purely physical: the act.
Do you know that some people never learn more than that, even years later as an adult?
intimacy, while it can be learned, in many ways is an artform.
Do you know what it entails?
If so, count yourself fortunate, because alot of otherwise good men, and women, have. no. idea.
What's your definition of intimacy?



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