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Are You Just Chillen Letting the Summer Pass You By?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

As each day continues to swelter with anticipation with the promise of glorious possibilities, many of us, including me, have simply sat by, content to watch the tumultuous winds blow.
While just chilling can be therapeutic, why haven't we gone on vacation? Why are we so stagnant in 2009? Did anything change?
Is it the economy? More likely its our own personal economy.
Despite the traffic you see on the highway, many Americans are by and large broke.
The 5-day cruise, even the weekend getaway is simply not in the plans this year.
If you're like me sometimes we simply forego going "out," choosing to save the little change it takes to take advantage of the summer air. (Is that healthy?)
Of course, do we really need to travel to "get away"? Not really.
But it'd be nice.

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