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Short Men + Tall Women: Can it Work?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm sure you've heard it or said it before: "I want to look UP ... to my man."
Men have been known to say: "I don't want a woman to be able to look at me eye to eye.
A lot of men will tell you that they want a girl shorter than them.
Many women will express their preference for a taller man.
Ingrained in each desire is the need for superiority, domination associated with height: Why is that?
Does a person's height subconsciously trigger hormones in the other person that allow them to be more submissive or aroused more?
Not scientifically, but there is anecdotal evidence that indeed shows that women submit and even enjoy being led by a taller man. The converse is also true: Men enjoy leading a shorter woman.

Many celebrity men have dated taller women, presumably to sexually conquer a bigger conquest, but it hasn't lasted. Many women have dated shorter men and found that there is absolutely no difference i.e. it's all in the mind.
Would you date a shorter man?



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