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Does He Just Have to Have It?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In Spike Lee's big-screen debut, "She's Got to Have It," Nola Darling was documented scoring three admirers with her trademark charm and sass.
Along with the theme of the film -- the lengths people go to to find love -- was the very obvious subplot, that some people are simply sex maniacs.

But how would you know today if someone was exhibiting signs of said sex mania?
If they want it "morning, noon and night" and "in the eee'nin" as Jodeci once sang?
If they are reckless with it, demanding PDA at every turn?
If normal things like, say, passing cars, or pedestrians don't seem to mean anything to him or tamp down his lustful tendencies then ... well, you just might have yourself an addict on your hands (Sorry to some, you aint that irresistible).
Is it normal to always want it? Or is it cool to sometimes take a raincheck due to fatigue, I dunno, work, or church?
At first it may seem cute but when does it get a bit creepy?
Or does it?



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