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The Return of the Funky Divas

Monday, July 6, 2009

One reunion after another it's become apparent, Envogue, the New Jack Swing's answer to the Supremes, are poised to make a comeback.
The quartet has been hopping around the country (most recently the Essence Fest in Nola; and the Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago)doing gigs with hopes of a recording in the works. But will the record-buying public respond?

Cindy Herron, Maxine Jones, Dawn Robinson and Terry Ellis were manufactured by producer team Foster and McElroy in 1989 in Oakland, California.
There album "Born to Sing," yielded the immediate hit, "Hold On," which made the girls a household name in black families.
In 1997, Dawn, the most outspoken and vocally restrained member of the group, bolted for greener pastures. She resurfaced as part of the trio Lucy Pearl, who had more potential than actual staying power.
Off and again and on again, and shuffling members the whole time the group has reassembled its original lineup (they performed at the Trumpet Awards earlier this year) and are singing everywhere they can.
The public has been known to be downright fickle about reunions, turning out to buy albums but long since deserting the album-supporting tours and appearances that come with it.
Why will this be any different?



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