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London Fashion Show = Hot Mess?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's been obvious for decades that in western Europe they like their golden calfs mixed with molten chocolate, but even this latest orgy of fashion, photography and chi-chi-ness is kinda out there.
British stylist Simon Foxton gives us the exhibition “When You’re a Boy,” a look back at his fave work over the past 25 years. It very well could have been called "Negroes with Attitudes". It's all masculine and its all fun and games I'm sure. But the pics i saw were kinda weird.

The show is the equivalent of a show by What's his face Alexander on "America's Next Top Model," or perhaps a more rough style of American stylist June Ambrose.
American hotness, which takes its cues from across the pond, will have some catching up to do before this kinda stuff is hot over here. But it's coming.



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