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Marriage in the Hood = Epic Win

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

As we all know, there is an epidemic of babies having babies in this country. Disproportionately these births are taking place in the cradle of high drug activity and street boisterousness: The hood.
There are a plethora of "ghetto" pics and "ghetto weddings" pics on the Web, and while they may elicit a chuckle here and there, they show an underlining truth that we all must admit: People may be broke, or even a hot mess, but they're still, in the roughest of circumstances, able to love someone.
They may not be able to wear a $1,000 tux and dress like the Obamas, but they evidently have a quality of love just as strong, if not stronger, due to the inherent struggles they face.
And to me, that's gangsta.



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