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The Rihanna 2.0: Singer Tries to Shed Recent Past

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Like a rag doll or Malibu Barbie, pop singer Rihanna has simply shed her recent baggage and put on a new outfit and attitude to go with the times.
After Chris Brown's court hearing yesterday, where he was allowed more freedom to get closer to RiRi and his sentence delayed, it seems the whole incident is slowly coming to an end.
Rihanna has been seen out on the town, laughing, joking, partying, and not sulking. Those hoping that she would become a spokesperson for domestic violence or any time of abuse have been sadly mistaken.
Rihanna has a music career to revive, fans to thrill.
She's new and improved.
Move over, Malibu Barbie.
Here's Barbados Rihanna.



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