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Royce Reed: NBA Bad Girl?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It takes expert editing to manufacture a villain for reality TV. Footage has to be carefully spliced together, sound bites must be edited, and voiceovers added. Then came Royce Reed, the very obvious and deserving antagonist of VH1's new show, "Basketball Wives".
In the case of Reed, a former Miami Heat and Orlando Magic dancer, the show's title is a misnomer: Reed is not married to a basketball player, nor is she married at all. But that doesn't matter to VH1, just like it matters not to the farmer that shoots a wolf that killed one of his sheep. Any wolf will do.
And Reed, who has a baby, Braylon Joshua Robert Howard, by Magic center Dwight Howard, is a wolf in sheep's booty shorts.
To people in Florida, Reed is well known. But VH1 introduced her to the world.
The show, framed against the hedonistic flair of Miami Beach, features other non-basketball wives, such as Evelyn Lozada, the former fiancee of former Heat player Antoine Walker. But it's Reed who earns the Hatorade for her hot-in-the-pants antics and wild booty-shaking that made it to Youtube (Thanks Ms. Bar B).
Reed, who will be confronted by nearly all the wives on the show, is the NBA Bad Girl de jour but only for so long. Before it's over, Shaunie and all of them will drink the Hatorade juice.

Check out the trailer for "Basketball Wives"




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