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The Sophistication of the Wife Beater

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The wife beater has come a long way: Originally introduced to the masses by Ralph Cramden's sidekick, Ed Norton, on "The Honeymooners," the look is now considered fashionable. To be sure, wife beaters is simply a slang term for the sleeveless T-shirt, or tank top. Tank tops, especially colored ones, have long been a staple around tropical climates and beach communities, but never have they transcended to outer wear like they have now.
Wife beaters have long been worn by working class men in the Western world, but never with the confidence and style that we see today. Although the biggest change has been with women, who are wearing it now without hesitation, or bras.
The fact is, celebrities, as usual, are pioneering the style into America's dressing rooms and stores. Wife beaters used to be simple, drab or improper. Now they are considered dress-down casual.



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